A Transpersonal Psychology Perspective


A Transpersonal Psychology Perspective


Transpersonal Psychology is a field of psychology that incorporates the spiritual elements of human experience with contemporary Psychology.  From this framework, it is understood that greater, more rapid personal evolution is possible through assistance from Divine Source.  Transpersonal Psychology works with the understanding that our personal capacity for change is not limited to the traditional scientific expectation of what is possible for healing and growth within human life.


Transpersonal Psychology works with a knowing that, through Divine Source, we are all interconnected and, these connections are designed to catalyze our spiritual growth.  In Transpersonal Psychology, we learn perceptive possibilities, tools, and techniques for embracing the emotional triggers we experience in relationship as opportunities to catalyze and co-accelerate our spiritual growth and psychological maturity.  Transpersonal Psychology does not embrace religious dogma yet, it encourages a sense of trust in the Divine Source as Love through which meaning and purpose can be known and, human evolution toward Living Love can be Divinely supported to Flourish.


At Lovemedicine, through a Transpersonal Psychology perspective, we offer Transformative Coaching and Counsel, employing modalities such as NLP,

Hypnotherapy, Family Systems Analysis, Experiential Healing Processes, and Breath-work.  Through these powerful techniques, Divine guidance, and deep listening, we are honored to custom create, in collaboration with you, a

Transformative path through your struggle to create a thriving Loving life.


Many Blessings

Rebecca and Vince,  Founders of Lovemedicine