Archetypal Journeys


Archetypal Transformative Journeys


Have you been longing for something more? …An experience of yourself beyond the usual everyday?  Do you wish to know the vastness of what you are truly made out of and discover hidden powers living within you that are so potent, they will change your life forever?  Do you feel a calling for more creativity, spiritual connection, and fun?  Curious?


Sacred Archetypal Transformative Journeys is an exploration of a life time

~ No experience necessary!! 

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to connect creatively and spiritually with yourself and others within a safe, sacred, compassionate environment.  You will be invited to journey inward to connect with the sacred archetypes within yourself and, explore through interactive sacred theater processes that expand your sense of being, creating a deep, synergistically healing and exciting exploration of the many ancient archetypes that live within the collective consciousness of us all.

You will be guided, through shamanic drum journey, to connect with your Divine

Essence.  Here you will be invited to clarify your intentions in the highest light and, use this to guide and direct the powers of your archetypes.  As you become familiar with the vastness of who you are, you will have the opportunity to explore the sacred archetypes and be called to one that is important for you at this time, knowing that it is one of many within you (and the collective unconscious).  It is necessary to understand that we are not the incarnation of these archetypes.  They are energy signatures that exist in the collective unconscious that can be accessed within, so that one can work with the archetype’s attributes, guided by the intentions of one’s authentic self.

You will be supported, through experiential processes, to fully embody your chosen archetype and explore in it, guided by your core values and intentions.  As you become familiar with this archetype through sacred theater, you will be guided through artistic process, to create a headdress, mask, and full regalia to represent the archetype you have chosen.  As you move through this exploration and creation within the group, a natural synergy arises between the sacred archetypes that have emerged through each person, and magic ensues!  Discoveries unfold and deep healing, integration, and empowerment can take place!

If this experience ignites your passion, you may wish to join us for the next level. In this workshop, we explore deeper, allowing our sacred archetypes to synergize and speak through us to deliver a Divine Message through the creation of a sacred theater performance offering.

We create different versions of these Lovemedicine Sacred Archetypal Transformative Journey workshops that we offer periodically.


With appreciation for the beauty of your whole being and reverence for the power invoked from the universe within, we warmly invite you to join us in Lovemedicine Sacred Archetypal Transformative Journeys!

Many Blessings:

Rebecca and Vince

Founders of Lovemedicine