Ascended Dragon Community ~ short description

Ascended Dragon Community ~ short description

(Our vision for Community and Eco-sustainability)

Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuaries is a global movement towards Eco-sustainability.  The powers that be are waking up to the fact that corporate control is rapidly becoming a thing of the past and, that the new world is emerging, one of harmony and peace amongst all creation.  As we see the end of the this old way of thinking, the age of awakening into our highest selves has dawned. (5th world of peace Hopi prophesy).


We are this change, the shift into giving more back to our Earth mother than we take from her; living in harmony with the land and it’s inhabitants; applying the principles of Eco-tourism to our Eco-education centers, colleges and the Eco-commerce that is created on site.


This is an Eco-community/Eco-village setting with space for nomadic healers to find refuge and practice their craft. A place for families who want to raise their children in conscious community.


We are creating a flexible duplicatable model of sustainability for the world, modeling the successful Eco-villages of the globe so far.  We intend to gather like minded, heart centered people who are focused on leaving this planet as a thriving gift for our grandchildren.


We intend to work with the indigenous cultures of this planet, combining the ancient wisdoms with modern Eco-sciences to the divine unfoldment of Love in this age of awakening.  We will hold sacred space for those who are awakening to their own highest purpose, and offer guidance through ancient wisdom, empathic listening, transpersonal psychology, transformative arts, divine guidance, integrity and ethics.


Thank for your interest.  We hope you have found something here that has peaked your curiosity.  When you find that this has spoken to your heart and the call of your soul, we welcome you to join as we walk this beauty as an example, a role model for many generations of Eco-warriors to the highest outcomes for the spirits of our human family.


For more information about this vision and Ascended Dragon Retreat unfoldments, please feel welcome to send a letter of inquiry to:

and read the: Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary Executive Summary


We ask:  “What would Love have us do?”

“What is in the highest good of all?”


Many Blessings,

Rebecca Ruth and Vince Wishart

Co-founders of Lovemedicine













Rebecca and Vince


Founders of Lovemedicine