Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary September 2016

Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary Executive Summary

Executive Summary Sept 2016

As you drive off the pavement onto the dirt road just to the left before crossing the top of the dam for Campbell river’s water and hydro supply, you drive past a few bends and up a hill as you approach the crest of the hill there is a large pagoda style gate there that says Dragon’s Gate.

Here you enter the into the parking lot of Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary Executive Summary

The legend of the Ascending Koi states that when a robust Koi fish gets out of the pond makes it way up stream in the yellow river and gets to the base of the Dragon’s Gate waterfall, it then becomes ambitious and decides to try climbing the waterfall and passing through the gate. Most only make a few attempts and give up, but the rare few who persist make it to the top of the waterfall through a pagoda style gate that spans across the waterfall. Once through, they immediately transform into a dragon. It is all about a spiritual journey.

So it is with Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuaries. We believe that the path to enlightenment is wrought with hardship in order that we may gain compassion and understanding for our fellow brothers and sisters of humanity.

The Intention of Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary

Is to provide a safe place to be from the chaos of life. To provide stillness for those seeking refuge through our mind-fullness classes and our Vipassna meditation centre. To provide healing for those who are hurting with many healing rooms and a wide assortment of modalities to serve specific needs of the clients. To provide food workshops and education about sacred relationships with food. To provide education for those seeking a more conscious way of being. To work in harmony with the land while giving back more than we take. Perma-culture courses show us how to live in harmony with the land. We will be leaders in a low to zero carbon footprint lifestyle.



To create an international and duplicatable model of sustainability health and healing in harmony with our Earth Mother


We value eco-sustainable community, the planet, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the foods we eat, the art we make, the knowledge we learn and the attitudes we carry. We bless all these things and hold them sacred. We value change for the better with integrity. We value honesty, open-mindedness, and humility. We value creative learning and joyful service. We value healthy families body mind and spirit. We value the strength of vulnerability.

We ask: “What would love have us do? What is in the highest good of all our relations?


We exist to “Be the change we want to see in the world” (Mahatma Ghandi) and to ignite the passion of a thriving planet willed to our ancestry for many generations

This is part of our philosophy and to evoke the greatness in others to step fully into their sacred gifts all the while providing a space where guests students and clients can flourish in a Garden of Eden type environment. We intend to create these Eco-sustainable communities all over the globe with the same name and typical feel of high frequency as satellite frequency stations to assist in raising the vibrations of the whole planet. Our goals for our buildings is to create zero or close to zero carbon footprints as an example model for the rest of humanity to utilize.

When you walk up the drive from the parking lot past the lush flower gardens to the front entrance, you are greeted by big beautiful doors.  Being very earthy and hand crafted, the whole building pulls one in as its a place of sanctity. A sense of tingling knowing now falls over you as you proceed through the doors.

Once in the foyer, your shoes are removed, and you pass through the next set of doors admiring the colourful bottle walls which capture the light like jewels.

The first thing you see is a 2 story naturally occurring waterfall that empties into a Koi pond that also hosts Tilapia as a food source through aquaponics. As your eyes adjust to the shift in light, you feel how remarkably cool the space is,

when it was so hot outside. You are then greeted by 2 service artists. They welcome you in and give you a brochure about the space, offering water or tea and snacks. One artist takes over as your host and explains how these structures are built out of rammed earth tires using the natural cooling and heating of the earth to maintain a comfortable temperature without the use of hydro or fossil fuels. The interior is a lush Japanese garden with cherry blossom trees and Japanese maples. She explains that the grey water of the building is utilized to water the plants. The drinking water is captured through rainwater catchment systems. Black water is contained and used for fertilizer channelled under the parking lot nourishing the lush vegetation that greets you upon arrival.

To the right is a door which leads to a big open space with a draw back roof which allows the artists a place to create. You will see easels, drawing tables, perhaps even some sculpture taking place there.

Tattooing’s original intention was a right of passage or a spiritual experience 1000s of years ago.  Its been Vince Wishart’s goal to bring back this sacred form of art and to provide a space for it.  As our Service Artist guides us back through the entrance with lush vegetation and sounds of running water.


Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary Executive Summary outline the key principles to Eco-tourism.



Is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment and improves the well being of local people


Ecotourism is about uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel. This means that those who implement, participate in and market ecotourism activities should adopt the following ecotourism principles:

  • Minimize physical, social, behavioural, and psychological impacts.
  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.
  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.
  • Provide direct financial benefits for conservation.
  • Generate financial benefits for both local people and private industry.
  • Deliver memorable interpretative experiences to visitors that help raise sensitivity to host countries’ political, environmental, and social climates.
  • Design, construct and operate low-impact facilities.
  • Recognize the rights and spiritual beliefs of the Indigenous People in your community and work in partnership with them to create empowerment.


She explains that this space is for grounding with nature, releasing the positive ions (that can cause havoc and even cancers) that stem from our addiction to our devices. She encourages everyone to walk barefoot through the space. She guides you down the hall to the double green house showing you the planters on the left and the the glass that goes into each of the tattoo/art rooms on the right of the walkway. These rooms house artists from all over the world many of whom from tribal cultures that use tattooing only for the most sacred of experiences. IE: Mauris, Tahitians, and some like Vince Wishart who is an “Intentional Tattoo” Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, SIIA practitioner, and studies Trans-personal Psychology, womb space drumming journeys, and shamanistic visualization into his practice to create the highest outcomes for his clients.

At the end of the hallway the door way opens to yet another courtyard

revealing a beautiful Japanese garden.

After passing through the lush green courtyard, at the other side is a temple door leading into another building that is stand alone yet still looks like an Earthship design.

A Yakusa style bath house.  
Behind these doors is an experience that can be found no where on the face of this planet.

Vince says; “If I were to go to a Yakusa bath house in Japan, they wont let me in, because, I’m not Yakusa.  If I were to go to a regular bath house in Japan to have a similar experience, they wont let me in there either because I have tattoos.”  Now finally, there is a way to have this experience.  In the Campbell River location, Tulum, Costa Rica, Ubud, and Hawaii all have similar climates to Japan and the foliage and environment will flourish there.

Yakusa artists utilize numerology through birth numbers of their clients and their clients ancestory to create the proper deeper meaning Japanese symbolism for the client.  Making this a very pure and sacred work.

Our host then invites us to the second 5000 sq ft Earthship stepped into the hill.  All 3 kidney shaped Earthships are stepped into the hillside over the valley which hosts the stream which is diverted to create a waterfall in the foyer of each level.

As we walk into the foyer of this level we notice that this is the healer level. A wide range of healing service is offered here ranging from Massage therapy, Reflexology, Medical intuitives, Holistic dietitians, NLP practitioners, Hypnosis, Conflict resolution specialists, Reiki practioners, Quantum Touch Facilitators, to name a few. There is sensory deprivation tanks and and a complimentary 30 min pass to the infrared sauna which is run off of solar power is offered to each person in your group.

As your host leads you from that space, up the outdoor steps to the 3rd level which is the Eco education/tourism level…this is where folks from all around the world can come and experience what its like stay in an Earthship, Straw-bale, or Stack-wall home. Many hybrids are built into this level including reciprocating roofing systems and solar hot tubs. Guests will learn how to run a Sun frost refrigerator, how to harness and utilize solar energy, how the water treatment systems work,

As you enter the private foyer of this space you notice that behind the second greenhouse glass inside is a large room which is used for yoga classes and can accommodate up to 100 people. It is also used as a workshop space and training centre and the facilitators can create retreats for their followers at our space by having them stay in the adjoining Earthship condos on that level. There will also be tree house options for the lifestyle people or just simple camping on ground level.

When you leave this area your guide takes you a beautiful walk up the hill to a Vipassana temple.  A place where stillness of mind can occur.  Many deities from many faiths line the walk to the temple.  To show that all are welcome no matter what their faith.  Once in the temple its is asked that no talking occur here.  This space will host 10 day silent retreats along with anyone seeking stillness is always welcome there.

Past a large grove of trees the path takes you to large Eco-sustainable community out the back side of the mountain we are on.  The hemp fields are the first crop that is seen.

Due to hemp being the most sustainable plant on the planet.  It never requires any pesticide, it is the plant that removes the most carbon from the air, as a  food source is next to none for nutrition a super food.  Hemp requires less than half of the water that cotton requires to create it pound for pound next to cotton.  The hemp oil cures cancers…the list is endless of its uses.  We create Hempcrete (sustainable insulation) at this facility here and we will be Canada’s only hemp textile factory making the only only place to buy truly sustainable fabric in Canada.  Hemp is PH balanced for your skin reducing body odour to a minimum.  Hemp plastics are the most renewable source of plastic and will never run dry.  Hemp oil makes great bio-diesel of course we will stand by our bio-diesel and drive suitable cars for those of us require that kind of transportation.

Our intention is not to be resistors, but to work with the powers that be to create the highest outcomes for all.  By remaining flexible and less rigid we will create better communication.

On the right hand side of the property by the lake is delegated as the site for the ADHS sustainable college offering perma-culture courses, Eco-building technique education and farming techniques.  We have spoken with Brandy Gallager founder of OUR Eco-village in Shawnigan Lake about partnering up for ADHS education facility with their organization.  We have also spoken with several colleges that are willing to take on our courses as curriculum for their schools.

Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary Executive Summary has

developed an internship program to teach an educate those who want to become builders for  which is yet another way we intend to give back to the community.

Hemp-co has expressed devout interest in raising their hemp farms here, Along with Awesome Energy who will create Bio-diesel from Algae for the propulsion of vehicles and heat at the facility.  IFS has inquired about putting up their auqaponics operation there as well.

The particular land we have chosen in Campbell river is above the water supply and the inside information is that the Township is struggling to keep the 4×4 trucks out of the ecology their waste is leaking into the water supply.  We at the Ascended Dragon Holdings Association feel that what we have to offer is an excellent solution to this challenge.

Each board member (subscriber) will apply individually yet as a united for each individual 5-10 acre track of Crown land.

The land is a short 10 minute drive to town.

We will be growing many other crops creating Vegetarian self sufficiency which will also be brought to the local farm markets for distribution.

We are currently seeking investors to assist us to get this project further off the ground and will offer crops as collateral to secure loans etc.

We welcome any and all feedback

Business plans will be available for the individual aspects of this operation including the tattoo, healer level, ecotourism level, yoga level, bio-diesel, hemp and the bio-diesel algae Greenhouse Designs Eco-construction aspect, (the Eco-home builder company that Vince’s Father Ed Wishart owns)

Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary currently operates in East Vancouver, with plans to expand to an Air B and B for Nomadic healers.

We are in talks to develop a Eco-village society for Canada, along with an international Eco-village network, where stays are paid with barter bank tokens

We are gaining traction with a location in Tulum Mexico where a former Eco-village of earthbag construction was being erected in the jungles by Simon Fyall.  Vince Wishart and Benny Lopez are partnering to do another ADHS there with a test market for an alternative treatment centre that utilizes plant medicines as a way through for addicts to recovery.  Vince currently runs the Recover-Ink Facebook site which has a huge following and is expanding into a reality TV show to carry the message of recovery from drug and alcohol addictions to the bigger picture of the shift from “Self to Altruism” to achieve global recovery and carry the message through a documentary series to millions of viewers.

We have partners in Ubud Bali Indonsia that also want to help build one of these centres there, a client from Costa Rica wants us to build 4 Earthships there so we intend to build an ADHS centre while our crews are still there.  Hawaii has been calling us to create a facility there as well.

This vision came to Vince while he was meditating after a major growth experience in his life.  Every detail came in crystal clear he claims every detail came in crystal clear.

Thank you for your consideration in creating awareness of this grand vision, and being a part of in any capacity. The Ascended Dragon Holdings Association makes all the decisions as to whom we will partner with and what in capacities.

Ascended Dragon is currently aligning with a goal of 75 subscribers allowing us to go after several tracks of Crown grant land as a cooperative. Each 5 and 10 acre chunk needs to be applied for by individuals, and approaching to say were are part of this large group is in our favour as the government wants an Eco-sustainable group in there as there is problems with the 4 wheel drive enthusiasts who are destroying the natural resources that are there and contaminating the water supply. Seems like a match made in heaven.

We are looking to recruit new subscribers on the board to expand to 75 members. Our current list of 30 has some great members. This will make a real and feasible model of sustainability for the modern world that is duplicatable. Each member will apply for the 5 and 10 acre crown tracks as individuals, and we will develop as a group process to create the greatest model of Eco-sustainability ever.

This is the sketch of the land and the proposed buildings

We are looking forwards to hearing from you.



The Staff at Ascended Dragon Holdings Association

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