Awakening to ~ Loving Interconnectedness with All Life ~ Medicine Wheel

Awakening to ~ Loving Interconnectedness with All Life

Welcome Lovemedicine people!  This is our very first piece of writing on blog written by, Rebecca and Vince, Founders of Lovemedicine.  We are so excited to share with you, throughout this coming year, the many powerful inspirations, insights, tools and techniques, stories, and prayers that move through our hearts…in fact all the way through our whole beings, body, mind, heart and spirit!  We have been pondering together about how to create continuity and sensible, yet intuitive flow through out the year as we cover the many different topics of Lovemedicine, “Loving interconnectedness with all life.”
After much prayer and contemplation we have decided to offer our writings guided by a Wheel of Life or Medicine Wheel.  This is a wheel Rebecca has been working with for over 20 years and, it has been an integral part of the spiritual life Vince and Rebecca share.  It comes from many different teachers, including direct experience and the Natural world.  We will always consider ourselves students in this. Together we have combined our learnings about the Wheel of Life and created a family Medicine Wheel, a written sketch of which is shown in the picture, so you can have a sense of how our topics are flowing as we move through the year.   To be clear, we are not focusing on giving teachings about the Medicine Wheel itself, although that will probably emerge, as we share through our experience.  We are using the Medicine Wheel as a guide to how we offer our writings to you throughout the year.

Below is an introduction to give you a better sense about the Medicine Wheel ~ what it is and how it can support health in our lives but, the actual medicine wheel teachings are endless and experiential, just like the interconnected realities of life and how we learn through all of them.

The Traditional Ways of The Medicine Wheel

or Wheel of Life have many variations yet, what they represent and the wisdom they hold is very similar because, they come from the same Divine Source ~ the Interconnectedness and Inter-dependence of All Life.

Our Family Medicine Wheel contains qualities from some European and North American Indigenous traditions, synthesized by our own spirit connection with Nature, Creator, and the logic of our geographic location here on the NorthWest Coast of what is known as British Colombia.  We have also correlated the Eastern Chakra system with the human life cycle around our wheel.

Sometimes we are unsure of the original cultural source of specific teachings (and there are many parallel teachings) but, some of the lineages that we are aware of receiving teachings from are: Cree, Siksika, Seneca, Kiowa, Sinixt, Coast Salish, Lakota, Cherokee, Iroquois, Choctaw, Toltec, Hopi, Hindu, Celtic, and Norse.  Our combined ancestry is Cree, Scottish, Polish, Ukrainian, French, and English.

Creating a synthesis of traditional understandings

from different nations and continents is a phenomenon not unique to us.   Many Metis people and others who have combined lineages have made the same kinds of correlations we have.  It is a reality that many of us have been forced into by globalization, as we search to reconnect to our roots, having been displaced and seeking a way to cultivate a new our connection with Earth Mother.  Historically, many European and North American Indigenous Nations strongly valued the awareness of the interconnectedness and inter-dependance of all life.  Probably, more accurately, it was not just a value, it was an immersion in this awareness that influenced the values they lived by.  The sacred Medicine Wheel teachings have always found their way of being shared, going where they need to go, and being protected when they need protection, often with great personal sacrifice … they have been carried forward with reverence and care from ancient times.

                                                              The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Created long, long ago, Sacred Stone Circles

have been found on both the lands known as Europe and North America.  Some basic things are understood about these ancient Stone Circles but, much of their use is lost in unrecorded history.  We know that they were (and still are) considered sacred and ceremonial sites on both continents. Many of them are aligned with the sun rise or sun set on the Solstices or Equinoxes, marking a time when certain cosmic energies are more strongly at play.  These stone circles are some of the earliest representations of the Circle of Life ~ the inter-dependent beings and interconnected cycles of life. It seems, they are a ceremonial foundation from which the Medicine Wheel wholistic knowledge, Health, and Balance has been cultivated ~ through many cycles of deep connection and understanding of our Life Source.

Another way of understanding what the Medicine Wheel or Wheel of Life is emerges as a three dimensional ball or sphere like our Earth.  It like a living map of Divine Guidance through interconnected wheels that flow and move, just like the interconnected, inter-dependent cycles of life, and individual beings, from micro to macro, that make up this One Living Being we are all a part of and rely on to be alive.

The Medicine Wheel brings us access to the wisdom that dwells in All our Relations, when we approach with Love, Humility, Respect, and Appreciation.

Awakening to life through the Medicine Wheel, guides us to the living understanding of all aspects of life and how every individual being supports and depends upon one another to create the harmony that sustains this Wondrous gift of Life we are all so blessed to receive and be a part of.

With this kind of deep understanding, we can learn how to fully receive the nurturance available to us and, our actions can become powerfully harmonized with the health and wellbeing of All, which ultimately supports our greatest good as individuals and as a planet.  It is about deep awareness and loving compassionate connection with all Life ~ including ourselves.

We can embrace the Medicine Wheel to create Health and Balance in ourselves, our relationships with family, community, the lands and creatures of the Earth, and all the world (All our Relations).


This may be partly why it has been called a “Medicine Wheel” in some traditions of North American Indigenous people yet, those are English words and we have yet to learn the original ways these teachings were spoken of in the various Nations.  The Celts and other Europe tribes are better known for the term “Wheel of Life”.  Traditions from both lands include understandings from deep communion with the Living World and its Cycles:

Cycles of the seasons marked by the Sun, Moon, Stars, and weather upon the lands; The cycles of Human, Plant and Animal life; the cycles, movements, and powers of the elementals we depend on to sustain life: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water; the balances of Heart, Mind, Spirit and Body; and correlated practices that help us to develop aspects that need to be brought into Balance to create health and to cultivate and embody states of being such as Love, Gratitude, Wisdom, Kindness, Clarity of Mind, Vision, Courage, Passion, Creativity, Transformation, Joy, Gentleness, Dreaming, Inner Knowing, Flow, Cleansing, Mystery, Surrender, Devotion, Reciprocity, and on it goes…

The Medicine Wheel of Life way of knowing, learning, healing, and living resonates powerfully with our guiding principle for Lovemedicine ~
“Loving Interconnectedness With All Life”

This is what “Loving Interconnectedness with All Life” means to us:

When we look at the way organisms and elements interact within Eco-systems to create a balanced, life sustaining environment and, how living systems on the micro level with in the human body, all the way out to the macro systems of the universe, work together in a form of rhythmic harmony, we see how all beings actually rely on one another to be alive.

From this view, we can start to appreciate the power of this interrelated, interdependent system of life we are all a part of.  We can appreciate both the individuals and the actuality of the one living organism that all of life is.  Our Love, compassion, and appreciation for this life can deepen when we actually feel into the beauty of this miraculous gift of life.

At this time on the planet, it is clear that humans have strayed from this kind of awareness and care.  There is unprecedented suffering being perpetuated within the relations of humanity and spilling over into destructiveness to many other animals, plants, waterways, air…our entire world.  Even in places were our basic needs are being met, depression, anxiety, addiction, divorce, loneliness, abuse, and so many forms of disconnect are prevalent.

At the same time there is a powerful upwelling of profound Love in service to Great Healing on all levels, through all walks of life. People are waking up, searching for, and discovering the truth of Love that exists within human hearts and the miraculous changes toward peace and harmony that are possible when we learn to cultivate Love and compassion in action.

With this Love, we can choose to function within the one organism in compassionate ways with all beings we encounter, knowing that they are a part of us and we are a part of them and, ultimately that all of our destiny is intertwined.  We believe that, through conscious, Loving interconnectedness, together we can create a harmonious, healthy, balanced life for all beings.

In the forward to the writings of the the Dalai Lama called “How to see Yourself as You really Are,” Jeffrey Hopkins writes, “Whether we are able to achieve world peace or not, we have no choice but to work toward that goal.”

We deeply resonate with this statement and for this reason we are compelled by our Love to share all that we can on behalf of cultivating Loving Interconnectedness with all beings.

The writings of our Lovemedicine Wheel of Life Blog, are one of the ways we will reach out to you with devotion and care, knowing we are all Relatives.

Blessed Be
All My Relations
With Reverence, Joy, Love, and Gratitude,
Rebecca and Vince

Founders of Lovemedicine