Johnson’s Landing Lovemedicine Update

Johnson’s Landing Lovemedicine Update

Hello Love Medicine People!


This morning as I make my prayers on my back patio, I look down into my next door neighbor’s yard and see him working so carefully, diligently in his garden, growing his own non GMO, organic produce for his family, barefoot land in connection with earth frequencies of 7 mhz.  This is a process called on the Grounding or Earthing.  I feel a sense of appreciation and camaraderie with my oriental neighbor grandfather who is so wise.  It reminds me of purposeful course of action in this world.  We have been calling this lifestyle in in a big way in prayer.


Today Rebecca and I join together to write and share with you our immense appreciation for all that transpired on our recent sacred journey to the Kootenays.


We are so grateful to Angele and Richard, owners and Divine stewards of the Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center for hosting our Lovemedicine ceremonies and workshops.  They were a smashing success, better than we could have ever dreamed.  We believe that it was due to our wonderful participants and our surrender of the script ~ allowing the organic unfoldments to happen as they needed to.


It’s amazing how preparation, structure, and organization can be a great foundation and platform to dive off of into the unknown!  But, before we talk about our Lovemedicine offerings, we wish to share with you some of the details of this amazing retreat sanctuary beyond time!



The Land where Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center exists is extraordinarily beautiful, nestled amongst gorgeous diverse forests and, held within the loving arms of majestic Purcell Mountains, bathed by the light reflected off the sparkling waters of the pristine Kootenay Lake.


Angele and Richard, elders and guides of the community, have cultivated this beloved retreat for over 15 years, with loving dedication, working in harmony with the spirits of the land.  Beautiful abundant organic gardens with poignantly breathtaking sculptures of Divinity (stewarded by Angele) surround many natural structures (many designed and built by Richard) with lovely winding pathways to the Lodge, large and small temple like spaces, geodesic dome, tree houses, and teepees where community and retreat guests dwell and, groups gather in ceremony, transformative process, and an amazing array of spiritual / Eco -health and wellness workshops.


Angele and Richard have and an easygoing, gently healing, and straightforward kind of presence that creates a sense of ease and flow in the environment.  Their generosity of spirit permeates the land as a co-creative offering for all who dwell there.  They both have well developed skills in healing, homesteading, arts, and organization managing to combine their talents in such a way that there are always new beautiful creations underway while that which has already been created is well tended and cared for.


We felt a deep sense of nurturance in the presence of their magical creation and emanating from the purifying spiritual stillness of the land.  There were times during the day that we could stop breathing for a moment and hear…..not one sound …simply silence ~ So deeply appreciated when coming from the city!… and when we did hear sounds, they were the melodious songs of the many birds, kind people singing or talking, and the wind in the trees…we were so blessed to be living harmoniously with deer every day!

…. and the stars were SO bright!! Zillions of them!!


So all of this glory was the sacred container for our Lovemedicine ceremonies and workshops, as well as at least 13 other facilitators with amazing gifts to share.  On Friday evening we enjoyed a rapturous opening ceremony with sacred songs and dance, met all of the facilitators and then were guided into dreamtime with an hour sound bath with gongs and singing bowls!


On Saturday we held our Divine Masculine and Feminine Ceremony.  We opened and, went into a prayer space where we called in the 7 directions.


Then we shared about the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies for a while.  The group went one by one to share about what brought them there.  It was such an honor to receive the depth of sharing and begin to tailor the ceremony to the needs of the 13 participants in the group.


We had pre-designed a sacred marriage of the Divine Feminine and the Masculine meditation that was very well received.  The meditation combined NLP, Hypnosis, and some shamanic approaches with a journey to find our main Feminine Archetypes and our main Masculine Archetypes.  Rebecca played her Sruti Box (an instrument like a Harmonium) and sung tones in the background, like an angel in the heavenly realms, as we went on a journey to witness those parts of ourselves that we are each made of.  These sacred sounds flowed as backup while Vince guided the journey inside. The journey came to a triumphant conclusion as all the archetypes were melded and the Divine Feminine and Masculine within were married in sacred union…an explosion of senses were felt as a ripple through the crowd.   With all this emotion we encountered in the journey we then asked the group to share individually what they had experienced during the meditation.  All who shared came back uttering profound inner experiences and sacred realizations …all except one.


She said: “It was the Sh@ts for me”.  During the journey, she had been triggered into an early childhood trauma related to the masculine energy in her life.  With compassion for this delicate place, we saw this as an opportunity we had been waiting for, knowing that when people vulnerably share what’s really going on inside, the whole group transformative healing potential rises and, the work that we do on this micro level in small group, effects the macro level of all our relations through ceremony.


The potency of the ceremony rose as we responded to what was alive in the room and facilitated a transformative process with this courageous woman and with others in the group with related traumas.  Much connective reconciliatory beauty unfolded.  Cleansing tears were shed.


We are so grateful to Creator for guiding us in this ceremony and, providing a way for our sacred group to make strides toward healing the wounds of masculine and feminine relationships in their lives and in the world.  As we drew to a close, we dedicated these healings as a prayer for all our relations for the healing and balancing of the masculine and feminine energies of the planet and ended with a praise song to honor the directions, anchoring in our sense of gratitude.  It was such an immense honor to join with this beautiful group of people and having Richard join us for that ceremony was very special for us.

Every day was full of wonder and grace, great food, inspiring connections with such a wonderful diverse group of people!


…The magic of the land …  The spirits of the land…the silence that is so loud, it captivates every cell and molecule of our beingness.


The next day we held our Sacred Empowering language Workshop in the Group Room.  Many of the participants that came to the workshop were in the ceremony with us the day before.  When we did our first round of sharing around the circle, anger and the sense of unmet needs was a common theme.  So, we worked with what was alive in the room, offering pertinent pieces from our Lovemedicine Sacred Empowering Language curriculum and facilitating anger transformation processes.  It was so beautiful to witness them working in pairs while we facilitated a process for them to fully express their anger and then drop to the vulnerable feelings underneath where we access unconscious unhealthy, untrue beliefs about self and the world to be transformed in connection (which is where those beliefs get created early in our childhood).  It was so inspiring to witness the personal depths this group was willing to traverse and delve into with deep connective support of one another through the processes.  Even more inspiring was seeing the tender heart awakened glowing results as we progressed through our time together.


Much transformation happened that day and the “icing” was certainly the experience of the high vibration sacred expression love offerings to feed the divine that each person offered as we drew to a close, leaving us all in an exalted state of gratitude!  Wow!!!


We are so grateful to share in these ways with people and look forward to so much more!

At the close of our time at Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center, we were blessed by more beautiful connections, Sacred Music, and honored to talk with Angele and Richard about possibilities of working more closely with them in the future.  What a Divine inspiration!


Just before the sun went down, in the timeless moment when the sun hangs in the sky, slowly rippling grand colors through the clouds as the blue deepens… the retreat was quieting and many had already said their good byes.  We walked down to the Labyrinth with our dear friend of many years, Ashala.  The land was so peaceful and potent as we entered the Labyrinth and made our way to the center, held by mountains of grace, our Creator’s infinite Love, trees of ancient magic… kindness beyond words, birds of gentle curiosity, and vast, vast radiant skies of infinite possibility.  When we each met in the center, a prayer ceremony naturally blossomed.  We shared vulnerably, as the medicine of the directions we were sitting in came through, supporting healing through deep connection.


We surrender to the newness of the unknown through Creator’s Divine Love.


On our way home, our cups were full with such immense gratitude and the appreciation of just one day after the retreat to enjoy some time re-connecting with some of our beloved longstanding friends in our sweet Kootenay community.  It was such a gift to experience the nourishment of ancient kinship with the few we were so blessed to spend time with.


We are still glowing with the beauty of all that was shared and created over this short time in the Kootenays!


Thank you for celebrating this journey with us!


We so look forward to connecting with you all as we heal and transform together to create loving interconnectedness with all life!


Blessed Be.

All Our Relations


With Love,

Rebecca and Vince