Lovemedicine 13 Moons Women’s Circle


13 Moons Women’s Circle

Living in Beauty and Balance on the Winds of Change

Sacred Ceremony

 Are you a woman seeking a greater sense of connection and magic in your life?  Do you wish to deepen your spiritual practice and share what you have to offer while learning from others?  Do you long to experience a women’s gathering that goes beyond conversations and into shared embodied spiritual experience?  Do you wish to feel enlivened, expanded, connected at the core, and inspired?  Are you ready to come together in sisterhood and make a powerful prayer for All our Relations?

You are invited to join us!

Contact Rebecca:


This circle is facilitated by Rebecca Ruth with a dedication to equality, shared leadership, the empowerment of every woman’s gifts, our relationship to and as Nature, deep connection, authenticity, shared growth, ceremony, harmony, creativity, and celebration. 



Themes are a synthesis of The 13 Original Clanmother’s Teachings by, Jamie Sams and an experiential interpretation of the energies of the Seasonal Life Cycle and Indigenous teachings from around the world by, Ashala Yardley and adapted by, Laurie Sargent and Rebecca Ruth. (list of themes available within the circle or by request)

 About This Circle ~

~ Welcoming the Spiritual Traditions of every woman

 ~ Ceremony ~ Rituals of Earth Traditions from around the World

~ A Living Prayer

 ~ Medicine Wheel

 ~ Offering sharing and witnessing

 ~ Dance and movement

 ~ Sacred Sound

 ~ Transformational story telling and teachings following

     themes of Lunar & Solar Cycles

 ~ Transformative Arts

 ~ For women bleeding age and beyond

 ~ Small, diverse, focused circle to commit and go deep

 ~  holding space together with confidentiality

 ~ Bring our Authentic Selves, open heart, and sense of courageous adventure

 ~ Bring Super Foods to nourish and share if desired

~ Drug and alcohol free


~ Come for the experience ~ 

Contact Rebecca:

~ Donation Sliding Scale ~ $15. – $ 20.

Registration closes at 12 participants (some flexibility is possible)

~ Reserve your place ~ Registration deposit ~ $50. 

(Saved to Create a year end Give Away)

~ Commitment to self and circle attendance is appreciated. ~ This is to create maximum benefit – to aid in continuity, depth of connection, and spiritual practice.

Moon Donations above $15. go to the year end give away.

***An abundance gift will be created out of the sum of each Woman’s deposit, to be collectively stewarded as a give away on the 13th moon.

* During the first few moon cycles we will decide together, as a group, if we wish to hold the circle open for others to join us or, if we wish to focus together as a closed group.

UPDATE :  We have decided to hold the circle open throughout the year! 

With open arms, you are invited to join us! 

Many Blessings,

 Rebecca Ruth

Co-Founder of Lovemedicine