Lovemedicine Coaching and Counsel One on One sessions

Lovemedicine Coaching and Counsel

One on One sessions


Do you feel a need for greater connection, clarity, passion, and empowerment in your life?  Are you wishing to improve some aspect of your life but not sure how?  Existing recurring patterns of dis-empowerment up again?  How many times have you gone through this?   How much more frustration are you willing to endure before choosing to create a way through and beyond to the breakthrough your heart desires?


Every fulfilled, joyful, successful, and effective person has embraced counsel and support in their lives ~ a way to see beyond the usual perceptions of self, to feel into the potentials of what we do not understand about ourselves and the world, to learn to hear more clearly the voice within that calls us home to the power and beauty of our own true essence.  Lovemedicine Coaching and Counsel offers you a compassionate skillful guide who believes in your capability to be the change your heart is calling for and will collaborate with you to open a doorway to your greatest fulfillment.


At Lovemedicine, through a Transpersonal Psychology perspective, we offer:

Firstly, Transformative Coaching and Counsel,

employing modalities such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, Family Systems Analysis, Experiential Healing Processes, and Breath-work.  Through these powerful techniques, Divine guidance, and deep listening, we are honored to custom create with you, a Transformative path through your struggle to create a thriving Loving life.


At Lovemedicine, with empathy and clarity we work with your readiness to Transform your life and shine a light in the hidden places of your being that are calling for change.  Through counsel and experiential processes, we support you to explore deeply and uncover the source of your disempowering patterns, perceptions, and behaviors to transform them at their root.  At Lovemedicine we support you to develop the skills necessary to fully embrace, explore, and Transform the challenges and triggers within yourself into a brilliant doorway to the most profound Love, Clarity, Joy, Empowerment, and Connection that will open up all your greatest possibilities.  Perhaps now is the time to try something new like:


Lovemedicine Coaching and Counsel

One on One sessions


The “day” is passing when people carried their wounds and secrets to the grave, causing all kinds unhealthy patterns and difficulties in family systems down through the generations.  Instead, today there is a wave of consciousness in health and spiritual wellness that has made it popular to get to the source of our challenges and embrace Transformation, bringing greater Love, joy, fulfillment, passion, connection and success.


We invite you to embrace the mystery of newness with us, to create great healing and ignite your passion in a thriving loving life.

If Lovemedicine Coaching and Counsel

One on One sessions

sounds like a fit for you, please reach out to discover how Lovemedicine can work for you today.


Many Blessings:

Rebecca and Vince

Founders of Lovemedicine