Lovemedicine Couples Mentorship and Counsel

Lovemedicine Couples

Mentorship and Counsel


I am committed to knowing and perceiving the innocence in you, myself, and all people.”


These powerful words are the premise of the work we do.


Imagine back to the times when you first fell in love, how amazing that feeling was. Then, over time, something shifted and caused you to feel a sense of disconnect, misunderstanding, or conflict.  Events occurred, triggers were felt, communications, actions, and inactions took place in your relationship.  You may find yourself stuck in zones and tones of relational disconnect and, even through well intended efforts, it is challenging to find the way home to yourself and the beloved you once felt so connected to.  Why has this happened? What is it really all about?  What possibilities are there to grow through these challenges and feel a Love even more profound than when you first began?


At Lovemedicine, we are passionate about the truth that relationships are our greatest catalyst and doorway to personal growth.  When we learn to embrace the challenge of triggers and upset in relationship as opportunities to greater, self knowledge, self Love, peace, and connection, we are at the threshold of major life transformation on all levels.  At Lovemedicine we support you to develop the skills necessary to fully embrace, explore, and Transform the challenges in your relationship into a brilliant doorway to the most profound Love and connection possible.


If your relationship struggles have become unbearable or if you have simply come to the understanding that things aren’t as wonderful as they could be and you wish to work towards greater thriving in Love and connection, there is hope.


At Lovemedicine Couples Counsel, we offer compassionate Mentorship and guidance, teach important communication skills, and offer, powerful experiential processes to guide each of you through and beyond your defenses, to get in touch with the core of what’s “driving” you, to create Transformation where it’s needed/desired, to courageously share your true feelings with one another, and to fully hear, see, and feel one another, opening to greater understanding, appreciation, and the richness of a connected loving life.  As your experience deepens, we offer connective processes to help you embody loving presence and enliven the energy that flows between you and your loved one.


We invite you to embrace the mystery of newness with us, to create great healing and ignite your passion in a thriving loving life.


Our offerings are geared to bring the sometimes seemingly impossible separations back into harmony, allowing couples to walk forward in their unity and fulfillment in their lives.


If this sounds like something you two may wish to embody, please reach out to us for some nurturing Lovemedicine.

Many Blessings:

Rebecca and Vince

Founders of Lovemedicine