Lovemedicine Ecstatic Dance


Ecstatic Dance


Are you looking for a way to empower your health, body, heart, mind, and spirit?  Are you feeling stuck in the challenges of your life and looking for a way to move through to Transformation? 


Ecstatic dance is an authentic movement practice that allows you to discover what lives inside your being through embodied experience and, frees you to move the energy of stuck patterns through surrender to your own natural impulses.  It is a powerful way to relieve mental processes and be with what is.  Ecstatic Dance is a way to connect to the Divine and “sweat your prayers”.  It is an exciting way to exorcise your whole body and allows the emergence of a natural flow to take place in your being.  Ecstatic Dance supports an attitude of openness to the newness of the unknown.  It is a path to develop intuition, cultivate self love, and enliven our wholistic health.


Ecstatic Dance is a great way to gather with community and celebrate life in a fun, meaningful, and transformative way.


Lovemedicine Ecstatic Dance opens the door for you to:


~ Experience A moving meditation

~ Explore the vastness within you

~ Surrender to your Divine Essence

~ “Sweat your Prayers”

~ Discover the wisdom of your body as it reveals hidden mysteries

~ Unleash your passion, power, and creativity

~ Express all your feelings

~ Experience your Divine Beauty

~ Allow the impulses of your body to move you

~ Release learned movements and expectations

~ Accept and embody what is

~ Flow with the ever changing Moment

~ Surrender to the Dance

~ Let go of thoughts and interpretation. Embrace the Divine Unknown

~ Connect with others authentically without words

~ Become more aware of the divine beauty and energies of others

and their energetic boundaries ~ as well as your own

~ Practice honoring your own energetic boundaries and those of others with clarity and grace

~ Experience profound heart connection

~ Flow with others in a group while remaining

fully connected to your authentic self

~ Rebalance and Revitalize your entire being – body, heart, mind, and soul

~ Experience Divine Interconnectedness

~ BE A profound state of Bliss!!

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Wouldn’t you love to feel this much beauty in your life?

Just a few hours of ecstatic dance each week can Transform your life.






With passionate devotion at Lovemedicine, Ecstatic Dance is one of our favorite

Offerings and an important integrative part of many of our workshops and our personal practice.





Lovemedicine Ecstatic Dance offerings are held in safe, supportive, sacred space.  Our facilitator guides us to awaken our beings and explore through the theme, while allowing the dance itself to be the medicine.     


We are joyously pleased to invite you to join us in our Lovemedicine Ecstatic Dance practice, and immerse yourself in the gift of a lifetime.


Many Blessings


Rebecca and Vince  ~  Founders of Lovemedicine