Lovemedicine Mediation

Lovemedicine Mediation


Often times in life and community relationships, people experience times when the communication has reached a point of seemingly impossible and, they feel the conflict seems to have no end or solution.  We support Conflict Resolution for disputes in communities, and offer mediation as part of counsel processes for family relationships.


One of our guiding transpersonal (spiritual) principals is the understanding that:


We see that all actions come from ~ Love ~ or a call for love.

As facilitators, we hold this understanding within us as we use specific mediation techniques, remaining neutral and empathetic to both parties, in assisting them to reach resolution with practical outcomes.  Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication is foundational to our practice.


In mediation processes, both parties must first agree to the mediation process.  Then, the facilitator meets separately with each party to learn and understand their perspective and experience of the matter.  Once this has been established, the mediator can assist the parties through to resolution of the conflict.


Beyond being a pathway to create agreeable solutions, Mediation and Conflict Resolution can be a healing experience, especially in the personal reflections that may come afterwards for the participant who is willing. Mediation functions as a guide through the murky waters of a dispute where upset, misunderstanding, and resentment, can cause confusion and resistance.  When a clear path way to Resolution is forged with respectful empathetic guidance, the relief on the other side of it can create a sense of peace and, even open up room for new personal realizations as resolution that once seemed impossible or very difficult to attain becomes a reality. Our sense of what is possible in relationships can expand, opening us to greater harmony.


This is why we like to use the term Conflict Transformation.  Mediation is not a way to “bring things back to normal” or the way they were before the conflict.  That is not possible because everything Transforms through the conflict.  We embrace the beauty that a conflict is an opportunity to create healthy change.


As mediators we learn not to fear conflict but to embrace it peacefully as a

welcome opportunity for Transformation and harmony.


We ask:

What has this situation cost you so far?


What will it cost you in the future?


Who else is effected by this challenge in your relationship?


Will this dispute effect your family?  Or Greater Community?


The ripple of our conflicts can create much harm outside of just us. If it is time to deal with this, perhaps it is time to reach out to the caregivers at Lovemedicine.


We have Conflict Transformation specialists that are pleased to serve your highest breakthrough.

Many Blessings,


Vince and Rebecca