Lovemedicine Nature Immersion Hikes


Nature Immersion Hikes


Each year we open to gather a small group of people to the West coast of Vancouver Island for an annual pilgrimage 4 day excursion to some very sacred places.  This is a ceremonial hike intended to support each person to merge with the spirit of the land and embody our sacred connection with our Earth Mother.  We nourish our hearts, minds, and spirits through individual and shared Earth Communion times with full immersion prayer ceremonies at Divinely guided locations along the way.  We care for our bodies through superfoods, vegetarian diet, and yoga.  We sing sacred chants and listen as we hike.  We enjoy nights and sacred fires on the beaches, sleeping in caves at secret locations, and opening to the dreams of the Ocean, Rocks, Forest Trees, and their inhabitants.

This rainforest ceremony with ancestor trees providing the thick canopy of cover for the incredible stillness where so much beyond our everyday life is revealed, is a staple of our health and wellbeing at Lovemedicine.

We invite you to contact us with a letter of interest if you wish to join with us on this deep, immersive, celebratory journey that will enliven your soul connection with the Earth and change your life forever.

(This ceremonial pilgrimage is designed for a small group – applications available upon request ~

Learn why it is so important to protect our rainforests through:


Many Blessings,

Vince and Rebecca  ~  Founders of Lovemedicine