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Sacred Ceremony


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At Lovemedicine, Rebecca and Vince view all of life as a ceremony.  We view ceremony as a way to infuse our lives with Divine Consciousness.  In ceremony, we offer of our deepest selves to the Divine.  We offer of the abundance of our hearts and, receive the messages and blessings of our Creator, Divine Source of Love.  We embrace all of our being to actively embody what we come to know and understand through ceremony.  Through Sacred Ceremony, we surrender to transformation through Divine Love and, cultivate a greater knowing and embodiment of Love, Gratitude, Interconnectedness with all of Creation, Awakened Being, Awareness within the Present Moment, Clarity of Mind, Active Compassion, Self Love, Vulnerability, Acceptance, Connection, Reciprocity, Grace, Flow, and that which is revealed through the Mystery.


We have committed much of our lives to personal practice and learning through prayer, meditation, traditional teachings and ceremony, deep listening, sacred music, sacred dance, and reciprocity with the Earth, her Creatures and Elementals.  We continue to devote ourselves to learning and practice of ceremonial and spiritual ways through Buddhist, Yogic, Toltec, Celtic, Norse, and Sufi traditions and, Indigenous Ways from lands known as North / South America, and Europe yet, our simple way of connecting to Source through prayer and direct learning from communion with Nature and Creator remains at the core of our Spiritual life.  We are so Grateful for all of our Teachers in their many forms.


For us, ceremony can be traditional and creative – sometimes more of one, sometimes more of the other yet, often both.  In ceremony, with reverence, we love to pray and offer our gratitude to our Creator, Earth Mother and Sky Father (Divine Feminine and Masculine), the elemental beings of Water, Earth, Air, and Fire, all the creatures that are a part of this One great living being, and the Spirit that Flows through all things, Great Mystery.  We love to use our whole being in ceremony to pray for All our Relations (all beings), to meditate, sing, dance, make offerings, to connect deeply with ourselves and one another, to express, listen, honor, feel deeply (opening to our whole spectrum of feeling), let go, call for and surrender to transformation, set intentions, and follow the flow of Divine Guidance.  This is how we see all of life as a ceremony because, in ceremony, we cultivate our whole being to be fully Awake, fully Connected to Source, and fully Engaged in the Moment of Life.


Our Hearts call us as we expand and grow in the fullness of Love, to share and teach, with humility, grace, and inspiration, what we have come to know and live through our spiritual practice.  For this reason, we offer a variety of opportunities throughout the year to join with us in many different forms of ceremony.


With Exuberant Awe and Appreciation, we welcome you to join us on this amazing adventure of Lovemedicine Transformation as we journey together through the Medicine Wheel of Life, with Gratitude, Walking, Dancing, Singing, in Beauty and Balance on the Winds of Change!


Many Blessings:

Rebecca and Vince

Founders of Lovemedicine