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Sacred Red Road 12 Step Men’s Healing Circles










I love the steps.  I love the Red Road.  I love ceremony.  My elders tell me to take the ceremony out of the lodge and into my everyday life.   I have started 8 sets of steps (in several fellowships) in my day, completed 5 sets.  I love NA’s way of thoroughness, yet, it seems to take so long, and in this day and age with all the time impositions, sometimes it is not always that practical.  AA boot camps are amazing, fast and to the point.  This time, we switch it up a bit and bring in the sacred ways of the ancient indigenous cultures.  We will also employ amazing and fun processes like “Mind-mapping”.

We meet once per month for 13 moons on the Saturday closest to the new moon to bring the newness into our life, slowing it down to a 12 month time span for lots of integration and introspection.  It’s about learning to get still, which we will practice at each meeting.  This is a way to get curious and inquisitive about yourself by opening your senses in the Native American culture.

The Red Road to Wellbriety teaches us about the natural world and harmonious ways of living with our Earth Mother, our family and all our relations.  This book is written by Don Coyhis and, many elders from many tribes across the Americas have contributed to this offering.

I am not an elder.  I do however have Cree lineage in me and the red road pumps deep in my heart.  I will be facilitating this meeting and calling in the directions.  Smudging is a cleansing that will be available.  I’m here to learn as a team member only and, to guide the meeting to its format in a timely manner.  I am a humble student who is here to serve.

This 12 step healing circle is open to all 12 step fellowships.  We will commit to replacing the word alcohol with whatever addiction is manifest in your life at the time.  This is a men’s group for a reason – total transparency in a nurturing understanding non-judgmental environment.  We may go into things a bit deeper than conventionally done.  There are 2 kinds of love: Expressions of love, and a call to love.  So what is underneath of all the blame and resentments?  One on one coaching or sponsorship is also available outside of the group.  coaching and counsel

We will be bringing our will in alignment with Creator’s (or whatever you call your higher power “My Creator” is an easy universal term used for thousands of years before religion came around) will for us.  Imagine the doors of opportunity flying open for us because we are in the flow of spirit.

This is just about the same as the Big Book way of doing the steps.  The only things we are shifting is to bring the sacred ways of the indigenous ancestors on the Red Road.   We sit in a circle, as circles have a lot of power, just like the medicine wheel which we will be embracing through this group.  We who walk in this understand about the cleansing power of the smudge, and ceremony.  We call in the 4 directions and we may break out in gratitude song.  We get vulnerable with each other, all while sharing individually and holding the eagle feather in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

We will apply the Red Road to Wellbriety knowledge and teachings by reading each chapter on the Saturday closest to the new moon each month.  One can expect songs and drumming journeys.  Homework will be to the corresponding chapters from the AA Big Book and we will discuss this in the talking circle next meeting.

For all my relations,


Co-Founder of Lovemedicine