Lovemedicine Who we are in Eco-sustainability?


Who Rebecca and Vince are in Eco-sustainability?



Both Rebecca and Vince are passionate about Eco-sustainability and living in harmony with our Earth Mother.  Giving more to her than they receive from her is of vital importance to them.  Living in the chaos of the city has made this challenging.   They are currently seeking ways to stay in alignment with these values while in a consumerist society.  They recognize that many fellow earth dwellers are facing this challenge and they look to share solutions where they can.  They hold their dream securely.


Rebecca has spent years of her adult life dedicated to living immersed in nature. She has spent time living off grid, participated in Eco-villages, and loves to grow her own food.  Before Rebecca and Vince met, one of Rebecca’s goals was to return to that lifestyle as soon as possible after her brief time in the big city.  As a youth she started the first eco-activist club and recycling program in her high school.  Protecting natural environments has always been a passion for her.  Rebecca recently participated in an artistic collaboration with the David Suzuki Foundation, the Ancient Forest Alliance, Emily Carr University, and Deer Crossing the Art Farm, through which she created a public video art installation piece entitled “Voice of the Forest”.


Vince has been pursuing eco-sustainability as a passion for a decade now.  He studied with eco-home builders and researched and built several eco-houses including Earthships, strawbale and stackwall.  Vince helped open a business with his Dad and their engineer where they designed many modern technologies into the basic design of the Earthship by adding on root cellars, post and beam, reciprocating roofs, geo-thermal, convection heating and cooling and more.  Vince is passionate about his vision of living off grid in Eco-sustainable ways to fully feel the interconnectedness with all life.


Vince and Rebecca have a vision of a model of sustainability called the Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary that Vince has been working on for several years and Rebecca’s existing aligned vision is now merged together with as they move forward in the mystery of the unknown.  This model can be found in PDF to download at Lovemedicine on Facebook or here: ADHS


Thank you for your interest,

Many Blessings,

Rebecca and Vince

Co-Founders of Lovemedicine