Medicine Wheel ~ East ~ New Beginnings & Eagle Vision

Medicine Wheel ~ East

~ Part 1 of 3 ~

New Beginnings & Eagle Vision

A Sacred offering of our learnings with Love

by Vince and Rebecca

Medicine Wheel Direction of the East
Color ~ Yellow ~ The Element of the East is Air ~ Breath of Life ~ Rising Sun ~ New Beginnings ~ Spring ~ Birth ~ Dawn of Consciousness ~ Clarity of Mind ~ Illumination ~ The Golden Door ~ Planting Seeds  ~ New Life ~ Awareness ~ Awakening ~ Eagle ~ Eagle Vision ~ Winds of Change ~ Winged Ones ~ Freedom ~ Balance

East is the direction of New Beginnings, the place of the Rising Sun, who brings a new day and, the time of Spring which brings New Life in the cycle of the Seasons.

To begin our sharing of Sacred learnings from the East Direction of the Medicine Wheel, Vince is called to relay a sacred First Nations Creation story of the beginning of humans and the creatures of Earth:

Vince ~

I sat in a Grandfather story circle the other day with an Elder named Daphe Red Thunderbird Woman of the Plains Cree/Nakota, who told me I could retell this tale of which I will do my very best to recall it as she told it.

In the traditional grandfather story of creation, the Great Spirit and Earth Mother were speaking that they wanted to have children to inhabit the earth. They then created many light beings.  They made clothing for the light beings.  Some of the clothing looked like butterflies, some looked like bears, some looked like rocks, and some looked like birds.  They made all of the clothing for all the creatures on the planet to inhabit the clothes and then to inhabit the planet.  They sent the light beings down to try on the clothing.  Some chose the bear outfit, others chose the butterfly, some chose the birds, and some chose the other clothing of all the creatures.

2 light beings were arguing over the bear outfit as the one did not want to be a rock.  Creator asked him why he didn’t want to be a rock and the light being replied that it was cold and hard with very little personality.  Creator said that rock children had special abilities.  “The rocks” he said, “have the ability to make many people happy by taking away their suffering and negativity.  They hold a special place in Creator’s heart.  To take this clothing, you are very blessed and honored.”  So the light being took it.

(Painting below: by, Mark Jacobson)

Then all the light beings, with their new clothes, went on a journey but, rock was so very slow moving that he arrived very late.  Rock said to Creator, “I am of little value.  I don’t move fast, I am so slow that I was so late, I don’t feel good about being a rock child.” Creator said, “I have a special job for you that no other creature will ever get to have.  You will receive the honor of taking on a person’s negativity and seeing why the person has it.  You hold the wisdom of how to change it in them and you will give this back to them who call on you.  You will be a grandfather for the sweat lodge.

Great Spirit and Earth Mother decided it was time to create the human children… New beginnings… They looked at the Medicine Wheel in the East and sent 2 light beings there to take skin clothes.  Male and female they created them.  Their skin clothes were yellow.  They gave them the Breath of life.  For many centuries to follow, they used the breath in their spiritual practices, their work, and their exercise.  They became very skillful with the breath of life.

Great Spirit and Earth Mother put 2 light beings in the South and gave them the Red Road and connection with the land, with Earth Mother.  Their skin clothes were red.

(Painting Right: Ritchie Sinclair)

Then they put 2 light beings in the West Direction.  They gifted them with water.  Their skin clothes were black.  They had the ability to find water in any climate even in the desert.

Then Great Spirit and Earth Mother put 2 light beings in the North.  They gave them fire.  Light beings in White skin clothes.  Humans are the only ones of all the creatures that require fire to survive.  They need fire.  It is an essential element to them.

“Thank You Creator for this Life today ~ for the Life that you have given me, for my life in this body.  Thank you for this Holy Breath of Life.
May my life be a blessing to All My Relations”

Vince Shares ~
For me, New Beginnings, applies to the Spring. Creation is emerging from it’s long sleep in hibernation and the new buds of growth begin to appear. The Bear comes out of his introspection time in deep sacred songs and drummeditative communion with Great Spirit to tell his stories and illuminate our hearts, minds, and spirits. We go to bear sweats to hear bear messages from his deep sleep and connect to that wisdom he shares in the sacred womb space of Earth Mother.

I too have come out of my deep inner reflection time in the winter where my beloved and I have been in deep prayer ceremony for months and creating our offering in the Lovemedicine realms.  We are now emerging into the new light and bright sun, and moving from home to the outdoors to spend more time in creation and in connection to the land.

(Painting Below: Tamilin Silva)

Rebecca shares ~
Air is the Element of the
Eastern Direction of the Medicine Wheel
Creating Healthy Transitions in the Winds of Change
How can we make our New Beginnings more powerful, solid, and fresh?

In times of transition when the Winds of Change blow, when life circumstance, projects, jobs, or phases of life are shifting we realize something is coming to a close, finishing and, something else will be born to take its place, even if that is simply the experience of more spaciousness. How can we make our New Beginnings more powerful, solid, and fresh?

Understanding the Cycle of Life can bring insight into how we can birth newness into being in a healthy, effective, energizing way.  By learning to honor and fully let go of phases of life that are coming to a close, we have more energy to fully nurture the present new reality we are creating, which becomes our future.  We can see that plants and animals are born, they live, and they die.  When they die, their bodies compost and turn into fertile soil, supporting the growth of the next life to be born and nurtured into maturity.

If we imagine the content of our lives in this way, it teaches us the benefit of intentionally completing whatever in our life is asking to be completed. Sometimes it can take a lot of clarity, focus and creativity to meet the uniqueness of the situation that is in need of closure.  When we learn to do this skillfully, accepting the death part of the life cycle, and give time for our beings to compost or digest what we have experienced then the ground for planting New Beginnings in our life becomes much more fertile.

(Painting Above: by, Lisa Kagan)

(Painting Above: by, Morgan Manley)

As past life is being composted, the spirit is refreshed in the spirit world, becoming ready to bring new life into being.  If we don’t take care of and fully honor the past into completion, it will continue to draw upon our spirit energy.  This can happen unconsciously and can cause us to feel drained, making it difficult to start fresh and nurture new aspects of our life into being.

One of the many ways to take care of the loose ends of our past in order to be present with full capacity and create a new kind of future is the 12 Steps to Recovery that Vince works with.  The 12 steps source the problematic aspects of ourselves, giving us a window into our lives that we were not able to see on our own –  Nor do we do it alone.  We work with a sponsor, one who has been through the things we have been through.  We shine the light into the dark places which brings the understanding and healing to those areas.


Vince Says:
In the Red Road to Wellbriety 12 Step Healing Circle I have been facilitating we have been Reading about the Wisdom of the Red Road as shared by Don Coyhis and other Elders. We are about to start the steps 1, 2 and 3.  Below are the headings and spiritual principles from those chapters in The 12 Steps to Wellbriety.

Here we establish relations with Creator.

“Facing the East
Step 1 Honesty
We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol (And all manifestations of addiction) Article on other manifestions

and that our lives were unmanageable

Step 2 Hope
We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that we had lost control of our lives

Step 3 Faith
Made a decision to ask for help from a higher power and those who would understand”

Vince shares ~
With the 12 steps, all people can find their way back to wholeness through this new beginning path.  All people are affected by addiction in some form or another.  Even if they give their power away to a practicing addict or they may have some control issues that need addressing.  These are surrender steps.  In surrender, we find our way to strength.  We no longer need to be alone.  This is the pivotal new beginnings place that we need to address. The spring is an excellent time for new beginning, though we can surrender and do a new beginning anytime by looking to the East and praying the above way.

When I first came to recovery in a fully surrendered state, it was different this time.  I was teachable.  I was humble, yet not humiliated.  I was in a state of peace this time.  I was wide open to receive the teachings my spirit so desperately needed.  A new beginning from this state made it easy.

I absorbed the golden light of the teachings in rapid form as I was so hungry for the information.  I prayed then: “God, keep me broken, because when I am broken, I am humble and teachable” Being flat out broken, felt way better than lots of material things all walled up in ego.  Three months after that time, I began to bring panels of speakers into a Native treatment center to share the message of recovery to people who can’t get out to regular meetings.  What a blessing to finally be in service with so much to give, the highest aspiration of the human spirit.

Air is the Element of the Eastern Direction and
The Winds of change exist here.
Life is always changing and its been many years since that moment of full surrender when I first entered recovery.  Since then, my commitment has always been to seek continuous healing and growth.  These days it seems exponential.
My life is changing so much ~ to the point of un-comfortability.   In my discomfort, my prayers are being answered.  I am becoming able to move up to the next level, to grow past my realm of comfort, the norm of old patterns, into uncharted fresh territory within myself that Creator is revealing to me.

We have some really amazing pictures of the goals in our life on our Vision Board. Without growth, I will not be in place to receive those blessings in lasting ways. So I am willing to accept the gifts that come through discomfort.  I will learn due to the emotional components that come with the discomfort.  These emotions will anchor those states of discomfort into my being in deep ways, causing me to be unshakable in my resolve, as I know I no longer want to return to the old way of being.

As my inner world and my life are in a wondrous state of transformation, I am being asked to let go, surrender and have faith.

Trust is huge for me.  In my past, I had many reasons not to trust ~ Religious institutions, parents that ruled with an iron fist, friends that would tattle if I sinned in any form, belief systems that were formed around many traumas of my childhood, teen years and early adulthood.  It has taken a great deal of trust to let go of those. In recent years I have realized that I had been trying subconsciously to have others prove the belief that I was unworthy of love – Disempowering cycles of thought.  It was the 12 steps, that opened me up to personal, and spiritual development realms as well as healing modalities.   Without the steps I would still be a self consumed victim.  Through all of the trials in my life, I know that my prayers are being answered but, I have to pray lots.

During the trials of the growth experience is when I need to lean on Creator as my higher power for more strength, insight, understanding, and clear vision.

Faith sits here in the East according to Don Coyhis. I need to remind myself to hold the faith even when the going gets rough. I’m grateful for my life lessons, even if I don’t have all the answers yet, I know I’m in Creator’s hands.
Faith: Through my acts of surrender, faith comes.  The miracles show up when I am in a surrendered place.  When I am in a surrendered place I am able to lead a life of integrity (doing the right thing when no one is looking). Some days I surrender a lot.  Sometimes I pray: “Creator, take my will and my life, guide me in recovery, show me how to live” Sometimes I pray: ” Creator, grant me the serenity to accept the thing I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.  Other days; “Please help me!” On a really tough day, I may just pray: “HELP!” On most Sundays, I go to the sweat lodge, and pray deep into all the areas of my week that need attention.

How do we gain the wisdom, perspective, and understanding to see the cycles in our life with clarity and discern the most beneficial course of action?

Rebecca Shares ~

In the Medicine Wheel direction of East,
The Totem Animal is the Eagle.

It is said that, in the East, we seek Eagle Vision. Eagle Vision is vast and far seeing because the Eagle’s view comes from high in the sky and reveals the “big picture.” Yet, Eagle Vision goes way beyond this. The Eagle soars in the Heavens and connects to Great Spirit. In this Sacred connection the Eagle View shows us Creators’s view. We connect to Eagle Vision through making Prayers with reverence, making sacred offerings, expressing gratitude, and with a humble, open heart, asking for help to see our life through our Creator’s eyes, the eyes of Love.

We open to the newness of what we do not know and surrender to the wisdom of Great Spirit, opening our eyes to see and our ears to hear. Doing this can take time and energy. Often we need to seek Eagle Vision repeatedly, take time out to develop the level of receptivity required to fully receive the breadth and depth of the Vision or new awareness that Creator offers us.

When we see with Eagle Vision and Great Spirit gives us Clarity ~ the understanding of the truth of what is unfolding in our lives, it is important that we honor this truth by acting on it in the way that we have been shown.

(Painting Above: by, Susan Seddon Boulet)

…Even if taking action in this way is challenging, it will be way more beneficial than avoiding the action required. Avoidance keeps old cycles looping. Sometimes we unconsciously hold on to old energies in our life because a part of us is afraid of the possible pain of letting go or, facing the challenge of  completion, seeing the truth needed to be able to do so, or even stepping in to our full magnificence.

Vince Shares ~
So in the pain of growth I face the East through the smoke of the smudge I pray to Great Spirit that the load not be lightened, but that I am empowered to move through it with ease and grace in the highest good of all my relations, that I can stand tall in that place of worthiness, I pray for insight into the subtleties of the situation.  I pray for clarity that will bring my heart, mind and soul into harmony with you Creator and all my relations.  I stand at the golden door of the East and watch feel as the golden rays consume my being and infiltrate my soul so that I can see with clarity, Eagle Vision.  With this Creator give me the understanding of the ancestors so I can see how to proceed in good ways, in sacred ways.

May we continue to have the Courage to seek Eagle Vision, connect with Creator, and bring the Clarity we receive to Fruition through Action.

May we plant the seeds of our New Beginnings with the Clarity of Eagle Vision, in communion with Natural Cycles of Life, knowing how to honor, heal, and bring completion to the past, allowing our life experience to compost, and create fertile ground while our spirits are refreshed to bring Energy to New Creations.

Blessed Be

All My Relations

As the Eagle is represented in the Eastern part of the Medicine Wheel, I see it flying in from North East, North being where Spirit is represented on the Medicine Wheel and flying into the East, the place of the Rising Sun, bringing Spirit Illumination to New Beginnings, offering a Balanced perspective as Equinox births Spring into being at the center of the Eastern part of the Medicine Wheel.

Coming up next in part 2 of our Eastern Medicine Wheel Learnings We will share about Spring Equinox and Balance.

Thank you for coming on this exploratory journey with us through the East direction as it applies to our Lovemedicine Wheel.

So many blessings to you!

Rebecca and Vince

Co-founders of Lovemedicine

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