Medicine Wheel Learnings of the East

Medicine Wheel Learnings

of the East

Hello and Blessings Love Medicine People!
For the past couple of weeks we have been enjoying writing our reflections of some of our life’s learnings from the Medicine Wheel direction of the East. We have decided to post this in three sections over the next couple weeks, as we have much more to share than anticipated. What is contained in these writings is only a small portion of what could be shared through the Medicine Wheel as the teachings are vast and as multi dimensional as the relationships of living beings on our Earth Mother. We will always consider ourselves humble students on this learning journey – as we spoke of in our introduction to our family Medicine Wheel of Life (link below).

Awakening to ~ Loving Interconnectedness with All Life through the Medicine Wheel

Each of the next three Blog Posts will be focused specifically on our learnings from the direction of the East and, titled based on the aspects of the Eastern direction it focuses on ~ although, there will be other aspects of the East, such as the Breath of Life, that are woven throughout, along with some related sharing from our own lives. We will be sharing more about the Breath of Life in our Sacred Empowering Language article coming up soon.

The 1st article will focus on New Beginnings and Eagle Vision;

The 2nd will focus on Spring Equinox and Balance

(although Spring Equinox has passed the medicine of Balance is so rich
and Spring, where we live, is just getting rolling); and

The 3rd article will be about the Rising Sun Vision and Clarity of Mind.

We will start each of these next three articles with the overview below:
Medicine Wheel Direction of the East ~
Color ~ Yellow ~ The Element of the East is Air ~ Breath of Life ~ Rising Sun ~ New Beginnings ~ Spring ~ Birth ~ Dawn of Consciousness ~ Clarity of Mind ~ Illumination ~ Planting Seeds ~ New Life ~ Awareness ~ Awakening ~ Eagle ~ Eagle Vision ~ The Golden Door ~ Winds of Change ~ Winged Ones ~ Freedom ~ Balance

Below is a quote from our writing   What is Lovemedicine?


We came up with the term Lovemedicine through our experience, over the past 15 years, with First Nations Indigenous ways in which the word medicine is used to describe the healing/teaching offered when we are willing to enter into a spirit of reciprocity to receive the healing messages and gifts through human, animal, and plant families, elementals and helping spirits.  We feel so blessed to be allowed to receive these teachings and, even as humble beginners on a road with vast and layered wisdom, to experience the power of these ancient ways.

We are living in a precarious time when the world hangs in a delicate balance and humans are being called to awaken and make great change.  So much is needed to assist in this awakening and we are so blessed that, despite the deepest historic and ongoing oppression of their people and ways, many Indigenous elders have declared that it is time to reveal what has been hidden and protected for so long and, share their culture’s powerful wisdom, medicine, teachings, and traditions on behalf of our Earth Mother and all of her children to help us to return to Balance and Harmony with one another and the Earth.  We are so grateful to be able to use some of this wisdom of the Medicine Wheel in our offerings.

We understand that it is through reciprocity that we can receive the healing that is offered and, true reciprocity comes from Love, appreciation, and the desire to give back.  When we enter into this kind of relationship with one another, our family, our teachers, our brothers and sisters of the plants, animals, and natural world, we open ourselves to healing, restoration, and transformation.  This reflects the Earth’s natural cycles of life.

When we were seeking for words to describe the essence of what we are about, Love and medicine naturally emerged.  So with great reverence and appreciation we embrace and share Lovemedicine.

We believe Lovemedicine expresses the goal of our highest servitude toward humankind, to create together with the ancestor spirits that have gone before us, generational healing for All Our Relations.”

We hope you enjoy these next few articles about the Eastern Direction of the Medicine Wheel.

Please feel Welcome to email us with questions or feedback.

Many Blessings,

Rebecca and Vince

Co-founders of Lovemedicine