Medicine Wheel Learnings of the South

Medicine Wheel Learnings of the South

Part 1 0f 2

A Sacred Love Offering by, Rebecca and Vince

Color ~ Red ~ The Element of the South is Fire ~ GrandFather Sun ~ Eternal Flame of Love ~ Fire of the Heart ~ Youth ~ Innocence ~ Life Force ~ Fertility ~ Passion ~ Seeking/Learning/Moving toward the Light ~ Culmination ~ Summer Solstice ~ Celebration ~ Cultivating and Nurturing the Seeds/Plants/Dreams ~ Courage ~ Faith ~ Humility ~ Love ~ Trust ~ Creativity ~ Growth ~ Deer ~ Flicker Woodpecker ~ Serpent Shedding Skin ~ Initiation ~ Sacred Fire ~ Transformation ~ First Fruits ~

  (Painting Above by, Ritchie Sinclair)

Medicine Wheel Learnings

of the South


Rebecca Shares: As I settle in to share about our Medicine Wheel Learnings of the South, I am highly aware of how fast this season tends to move.

Summer seems to bring on a surge of new energy, and charged activity.  We often feel a sense of lightness and momentum as the earth’s plant nation springs into colorful life, renewed by heavy rains and growing sunlight.  I feel it is important for me to focus on the Medicine Wheel Learnings of the South at this time in my life.

Vince Speaks:  This season has past in flurry of richness, the hot sun, the blue sky, the hustle of activity that goes along with embracing the sun.  In our Medicine Wheel Learnings of the South we have been out on trips and travels and caught up on our connection time with the spirits of many lands and sea.  The Warmth of the Heart has been paramount this season.

Faith has been enriched to the next level through sacred ceremonies in many places.  Medicine Wheel Learnings of the South is of paramount importance to me as I look to the directions for the wisdom of my life.

Rebecca Shares ~

The Medicine Wheel Learnings of the South Direction are rich with potency! In our Wheel of Life, the South is represented by the Element of Fire and the color Red.

If you live in the North like we do, it is the time when the fire energy of the Sun is the strongest, the days are the longest, and it gets hotter the further South you travel. This is the growing season; the time when the glowing green lusciousness of Earth Mother’s plant world bursts forth with the miracle of Life that transforms a seed into a sprout, a sprout into a seedling, and on into a maturing plant…ready to flower, offer fruit and multiply into many seeds!

Mirroring the Earth’s life cycle, the South is considered the time of childhood and youth, connected to Innocence, Love, Faith, Growth, and Transformation.  

The Preciousness of Youth     

In the Medicine Wheel learnings of the South, we come to understand that, in the Natural cycle of life, our youth carries the spark of passion and creativity.  As our whole being awakens into the wonders and terrors of the world, we see, feel, and respond with fresh eyes, new minds, and powerful feelings. With unencumbered viewpoints, there are children who solve major world problems because their minds naturally think outside of the box. Our minds have the capacity for great freedom, even as domestication may have been taking place, Youth carries within its’ sacred heart of passion the gift of Rebellion towards the natural impulse of Freedom! What a precious and powerful gift!

Youth Naturally demands justice and follows intuition fearlessly, diving into the unknown, and even danger in order experience change. Youth loves the world, being naturally curious and exploratory, youth revels in and protects the values of fun, playfulness, creativity and celebration.

I view the Youth as sacred and their gifts as holy precious seeds of brilliance for a hopeful future. I feel passionately that it is our job as adults to champion our youth, offer them the presence, and opportunity they need to be and express all that they are. I feel strongly that we need to protect the children from the dulling down, effects of over saturation of the media and digital technology that is designed to have a controlling grip on our humanity. The spirit of our youth is begging to be freed! We need to empower the natural capacities of our youth so that they can help to free all of us creatures of the Earth from what humanity has created on this planet…our holy Sacred Mother Earth.  (One of the ways I do this is through Bloom Girls Empowerment Project – here’s a video link to see what it’s about


Our youth need our presence, our willingness to shake off the blinders of  the box of rules we live inside and our pain numbing habits that bind us. They need us to lead by example and make powerful life embracing choices for ourselves that naturally spill over to our children and the Youth in our lives.

Sometimes this means giving ourselves a little “tough love” so that we can share connective space with our youth and really awaken to life enough to actually imagine and empathize what they might be experiencing.

When I say “tough Love” I just mean diving into self honesty and the willingness to do and experience things differently than my regular way of life dictates. My self talk (and perhaps even a vulnerable sharing) might sound something like:

“Hey! At this moment, I choose to acknowledge my distracted work habits and anxiety numbing behaviors that disconnect me from feeling the actual realities of this life. I am going to courageously toss those habits aside ~ right now! …even for this moment…because I see them for what they are…

…I choose to fully awaken to the magnitude of brilliance in every detail of creation and the terrible poignancy of the truths of human inflicted suffering that we live with every day. I choose to fully embrace my intrinsic identity as part in the rapturous beauty of creation and acknowledge my role in the realities of our world and the incredible gift of choice that I hold ~ to decide what role I choose to play! In doing this I fully open to experience the preciousness of my own essence, the gift of my aliveness, and align with my deepest calling ~ my Purpose as I FEEL fully the preciousness of every life form on this planet.”

~ In doing this, I radically offer myself to respond whole heartedly to the actual realities I am experiencing and in so doing, I embrace the youth inside myself and I open a spaciousness and emotional presence for the youth in my life. ~

Did you ever say to yourself as a youth, “I won’t forget what this is like!”?
That sacred view point of Youth holds a key of understanding that is integral to humanity. Without it the wheel of life is out of Balance.

We live in a unique time in the journey of humanity and, there has never been a more effective distraction from life than the digital media realm that many of us are so entranced by. It has the power to change the way our brains are coded and is already proven to be a leading cause of loneliness and depression, not to mention an endless rabbit hole that can keep us distracted from feeling true authentic connection with one another, as well as our plant and animal sisters and brothers and the elemental beings of Water, Air, Earth, and Fire ~ All of Whom we depend on for LIFE!

The normalization of digital addiction has become so commonplace that we are starting to perceive our youth as flat, desensitized, uncaring, spaced out, hopeless etc. – BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE! I have experienced first hand how digital habituation had temporarily dulled down my teenagers. I thought that I was being understanding by giving them time on digital devices but when I saw how disconnected they were becoming, my spirit shook me into action and after trying various levels of compromise, I actually fully took away the devices – deeming it not necessary! …And …though there was challenge in the transition and they needed understanding and support, what happened was a brilliant re~blossoming of all of the gifts, talents, and connectivity that are the birthright of every child!

~ Compassion, Creativity, Intellectual Discernment for Choicemaking,
and our Will to ACT ~
These are some of the important defining factors of our humanity.

As adults, it is our job to provide for, nurture, protect, and work with the generations to come, both currently with youth in our lives and on behalf of the “next seven generations.


In the Direction of the South, we embrace the Fire of Passion and Creativity
and Transform the Fires of Destruction,
Alchemizing with Water for the Spark of Creation to continuously bring anew the Mystery of Life.

In the Medicine Wheel Learnings of the South Direction, Youth is the time when our hearts are developing the capacity to open more fully to others with Love, Compassion, and Connection.

Because of this, it is a time when social realities become more important for us. Right now we, are at a time on our planet when social realities are needing extreme attention and care. In so many ways, oppression, abuses, and traumas dominate the way humans interact with one another and we are searching for ways to create reconciliation, healing, forgiveness, a sense of innocence, and fertile ground for new creative ways of living in harmony with one another and the Earth.

We are at a time when human development and healing on psychological, spiritual, and physical levels is more greatly understood through both ancient indigenous knowledge and contemporary science. We have the tools for healing and Transformation and we are using them!

One of the best ways we can support harmony on Earth is to devote ourselves to healing the traumas that we personally experienced or were handed down through our family and society. Vince and I are passionate about supporting one another in our personal healing journey. We know that when we bring healing to the hurting places in ourselves, we bring healing to our children, and do not pass the burden of that suffering down through any more generations.

Innocence is one of the important qualities of the South Direction.
Returning to experience the innocence in ourselves has been key to our healing journey.

Vince speaks:  We set out to do a sacred ceremony with each other.  A merging of the innocence of the the divine masculine and divine feminine.  We prepared by going for a long walk, collecting flowers along the way.  We had adorned and freshened our altar, and went into deep prayer space.  In our connection time we went deep into traumas of my childhood and brought healing to those pains from within that space of deep love and acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness ~ particularly for myself.  This time I was able to experience those early traumas in this safe space without feeling the former typical, fearful knee jerk reactions.  Instead I opened to the love and magnificence of Creator in connection with Rebecca and allowed Great Spirit to pour love into those traumatized places in me, healing them in a big way.  Since then, the triggers of wounds (that in the past lead to compulsions) still come up, but are simply and easily diffused with a few techniques in Sacred Language Communication and empathic connection.

To remember myself as innocent has been a challenge, but to see myself as innocent has been an even bigger challenge for myself at times.  In the past, when I looked in the mirror I would see what I was programmed to see from the religious indoctrination I received while being raised in a family system that somehow adopted the beliefs of a religious cult.  Worthiness was granted only to the perfect, or should I say Pseudo-perfect –  The ones who pretended to be perfect.  It was a bar that could only be achieved through a double life – for me anyways – I won’t speak for other members of that church. Any wrongdoing was punishable by a sermon to the congregation about the severity of my sin, and often drastic steps of humiliation and, condemnation through shunning was the result.

At 20 years old, I decided to take my own sovereignty back and left the religion.  That was great except I had no support to deal with the exponentially increased feelings of unworthiness and shame.  All 5000 of my friends had shunned me including my own family and I found my solace – addiction – where I stayed in many different forms of it for decades.   The 12 steps have helped me immensely along the way and, with every set of steps, the mirror looks back at me for longer periods through the eyes Love and innocence.  The relationship with my beloved Rebecca has been paramount as being the mirror for me to see my innocence, as I eye gaze deep into the soul of my beloved, remembering the interconnectionedness we share, revealing the deep innocence in myself.  She is another me and I am another her.

Today I can shift into childhood playfulness much more readily than my former perfectionist nature of: “Do right or else I’ll beat myself up”.

Being a recovered addict for over a decade now I had done a lot of things in the past in my pursuit of escaping pain which deeply embedded my sense of taintedness, guilt, shame, and unworthiness.  (It has been helpful to know the NLP presupposition states that behind every action or behaviour is a positive intention – not feeling pain is a primal instinct and it is good.)  The methods I used for avoiding pain can cause harm to those around us and ourselves.  Today I know the value of bringing up those painful feelings and sitting in them, even if it feels like they are going to kill me.  Rebecca and I also work through triggers with a Lovemedicine experiential process to bring ourselves back to a state a of vulnerability as that is where the strength is.  In my addiction I was not able to access innocence, though certain substances had a temporary feeling of being loved and then the outcome was low serotonin and dopamine levels, followed by shame and guilt.  That way did not work, though I pursued it for 14 years last go around.  When all the fun was gone and it all became pain, was the pivotal moment when I arrived at a bottom sufficient to myself.  This was the time when the pain was great enough to cause me to want to make a positive change in my life.

I have come to know that I am not my former behaviors.  I am a child of God, an incarnate creation of the divine.  A masterpiece of beauty.  I can eye gaze with myself in the mirror and look deep into mine own soul and feel and see the majesty of divinity coursing through me as I am that I am.  I am a mirror of God; A conduit of divinity.


When I stay in connection with source in this way, I am well looked after.  If I take things on through my self-will, I tend to lose that connection and, become driven from ego or protection mechanisms again, which lead to re-experiencing the states of unworthy, and unlovable, bringing them  back into my current existence.  I would be lying if I said I have fully recovered from this way of being but, my former way was to prove that I was lovable by working so hard that others would see how worthy I am – Slipping into manic states fueled by fear, (feelings of unworthiness and unlovable) I would go days on end with no sleep, and life woul become very unmanageable, even without drugs.

I no longer do that.  I have inner peace today.  I sleep a lot these days.  Sometimes I wish I had the ability to slide back into mania to get things accomplished, then I play the the tape through, shudder, and feel deep reverence for the healing that causes the inner peace I experience consistently today.  

I know at the core of my essence I was created in Creator’s image, gifted with a lot of traumas to heal in this life, and have done a great job of doing so.  This has not been a fast process and, it has taken me a long time for me to sort my stuff out, through incremental gains.  I am blessed with so much richness of spirit ~ Wealthy in love.  I am able to see myself as innocent today.

I know who I am at my core essence ~ a playful, lovable, and loving, nurturing spirit being in a human form who has compassion for all life.


We know that all of you are uniquely beautiful in your innocent essence.  Let’s celebrate and share this beauty with the world!


So much Love to You and Many Blessings,

Vince and Rebecca

Co-Creators of Lovemedicine

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