Rebecca Ruth: A Personal Introduction Who am I ? …and How I came to be a Transformative Artist?


Hello fellow traveler on this journey of life!  Welcome to this moment with me.  I am so glad you’re here with your curiosity and interest, as this also extends from me to you.  There are so many things I am excited to share with you, ways we can connect, explore, learn, heal, transform, honor, and celebrate.  I wish to share with you from my heart about who I am and what has drawn me to this path of service as a support to fellow seekers on this profound evolutionary journey of life.

I am a lover of life and feel deeply the poignancy of this powerful time on the planet.  As I look to the world, I am in awe of what it means to be alive in these ever changing times, when all life on Earth seems to hang in the Balance, and we continue to exist in our day to day, as our ancestral wounds and power play of the world unravel and, the Love, grace and beauty of existence continue to blossom.  What is our path in this world at this time?…And who are we really?  I embrace my life, from the brilliant to the mundane and, continue to be compassionately fascinated and drawn towards the lives of others, how it feels to live in the here and now and, what is really happening for us.  I share this same Love and fascination for the Earth, the plants and trees as they grow and cycle through time, the mystery and power of the Water, how it forms life and flows through all things, for the animals of the land, seas, and skies as they live in their mysterious ways, so natural to them and simultaneously forced to adapt to the impact of humanity…all the natural world calls me into relationship.

I love to celebrate and enjoy life, even let loose and be silly yet, diving deep and creatively exploring the mysteries of ALL that I am and WE are is a passion and pleasure for me, even when it feels incredibly challenging or painful because I love to discover the hidden truths and feel the amazingly beautiful connections and  transformations.  This being my natural tendency, it was no accident that I was drawn into the Arts - visual arts, music, dance, theater, and spirituality from an early age.  So with these creative spiritual tendencies, through out my life, I have also needed to embrace balance as a guiding principle reality in order to create and provide real practical, grounded and sustainable foundations for myself and my family.  Thankfully, I was given some tools for this from my semi conservative Christian parents whose approach to life was very structured and practical, yet compassionate to the world and service oriented.  They were extremely organized and fairly controlling so as a creative youth, I chafed against their rules and structures yet, as I’ve matured, I have come to appreciate their practical and intellectual guidance.  I’m even thankful for the journey of working through the guilt, shame, and fear that so often come hand in hand with religious upbringing - it has given me so much insight to humanity and common ground with so many people.  I am so grateful that my parents also emphasized spirituality not just religious dogmas.  So, being taught to pray with gratitude and listen to receive Divine guidance were foundational in my life.  It is fascinating to me that these are the practices that helped to free me from the bondages of dogma and, move beyond the wounds of fear or idea of one religion, to appreciate the many pathways to awakening and tuning to the Divine Spirit of Love, the Great Mystery, and the beauty in all.

As a youth and through out my life, I have always felt a fascination and Empathy for all “types” of people and ways of life which has allowed me to be a great listener for an amazing variety of people who have all seemed naturally drawn to openly share with me.  It is this quality, along with the deep feelings of interest and compassion that tend to well up inside me as I receive the stories and expressions of others, that has magnetized me into the “helping profession” in so many different capacities.

Presently, I live in Vancouver with my two awesome teenagers and my Divine beloved Vince.  I’m super devoted to my kids and love to enjoy family times of connection and play, as well as together embrace the challenges that make us grow strong and new.  This has taken on special meaning as we blend our families and together commit to them as a priority in our lives.  Journeying into the natural world is a staple of our wellbeing, so we all enjoy our trips to the mountains and by the seas where we hike, camp, visit with friends and hold ceremony.  We are all artists and there are always new works of art being created and shared in our household.  It’s such an inspiration to catalyze one another creatively from our different perspectives.  Vince and I also love to enrich our lives within the ecstatic dance groups of Vancouver, and through shared sacred ceremony in our community.  We each have a rich personal spiritual life and enjoy deepening our relationship through creating time and sacred space to cultivate our intimacy, share our spiritual devotion, and collaborate creatively as Transformative Artists, making our offerings through Lovemedicine.  Currently, I work as a Transformative Artist, offering counsel, facilitating experiential process and workshops and Sacred Ceremony group facilitation.  I am in my third year of study for Transpersonal Psychology Counseling and, will be certified as a Registered Therapeutic Counselor in the next year.  I also work as a care attendant for two men with Muscular Dystrophy and am a Fine Artist, about to receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Emily Carr University.  If you’re curious about my Artistry or Transformative Arts offerings, feel free to check out my portfolio at and please feel welcome to join me for Spiritual Mentorship, Coaching, and Counsel (which you can book through Lovemedicine), as I am honored to walk beside you and support you on your sacred journey.

So, what started me on this Transformative path?

I was blessed to be raised by loving and attentive parents (if not controlling and overbearing) with no overt abuses or traumas yet, by the time I was14 I had moved into a very dark suicidal depression.  Depression runs in my family and, experiencing it has given me the opportunity to explore what it is made out of, what I am made out of, and how to navigate the internal tides of my being in a way that helps me to honor my own inner experience while, embracing life in all its colors, and creating balanced, meaningful inspired living.  During the years leading up to my depression as a fourteen year old, I had become more aware of the realities of the intense level of pain and suffering in the world.  The emotional weight and heart/mind boggling complexities of the world were extremely overwhelming.

As someone with a naturally high capacity for empathy at an early age, I was inundated with extreme feelings and sensations as I tuned in to this aspect of the state of the world’s reality.  I felt empathically overwhelmed by the feelings and experiences of the oppressed, abused, and suffering.  Simultaneously, I was being awakened acutely to the incredible beauty of every nuance and detail of our Natural world - a glistening dew drop dangling on the edge of a forming bud, the mysterious sounds of a raven chortling on a branch above me as the light sheens in a dark purple rainbow on its feathers… the sound and smells of the churning tumbling deep turquoise seas …the bright golden sunlight highlighting the veins of a glowing golden-green leaf gently lilting in the warm breezes…All of these things were speaking to me …Spirit calling me..yet this inspiration was difficult to share at the young ages of 12, 13, and 14 and, my efforts to connect these passions for the human and natural world, combined with early changing hormones and puberty, caused me to be awkward in my efforts to share and connect. So, feelings of misunderstanding, grief, and isolation grew into and a deep depression.  This was the beginning… my initiation, into the powerful poignantly beautiful adventure of my life and embracing Transformative Arts.

Thankfully, my parents concern for me as they witnessed my behavior, art, and poetry grow very dark (at my early age of 14), caused them to offer me the opportunity to see a counselor.  Although I rebelled against the concept of “a paid friend,” I succumbed and received the gifts of his kind, connective presence and, his great appreciation of my uniqueness along with cognitive insights and tools that I carry with me to this day.  Since emerging from that first dark night of the soul, I came out with the desire to serve, help, and engage with life and ended up going to Guatemala that next summer to help build a school.

Throughout my life since then, I have been so blessed to be able to embrace the full spectrum of feeling in my life, to enjoy the satisfaction of authentic connection, sharing vulnerably both my sorrows and pains as well as my great Love, Joy, ecstasy and bliss.  I am so grateful for the rich and diverse life I have been blessed to live.  So to give you a sense of it, I’ll share some of the adventures I’ve experienced along the way…

I have traveled the world, and explored regions of the Earth deeply with great appreciation.  I have gardened and wild crafted.  I have immersed myself in the waters of lakes, seas, and rivers, climbed trees, and hiked mountains.  I’ve studied and devoted myself to indigenous, buddhist, celtic, sufi, and yogic spiritual practices and, love to sing my prayers in the wild of nature.  I’ve studied homesteading and, worked in business, written and received grants and, volunteered in charitable organizations.  I’ve lived in wealth with abundant money flow and, lived times when I was regularly counting change for groceries.  I have immersed myself in deep meditative painting retreats and conducted rites of passage ceremonies for young women.  I’ve served at fine dining restaurants and attended high end events, served homeless people at shelters, and toiled happily as a landscaper.  I have protested clearcuts and had beautiful connective conversations with loggers.  I have explored deeply and facilitated groups to engage spiritually and creatively with powerful archetypes and ancient mythology for our own healing purposes and, to bring this transformative energy in the form of Sacred Circus Theater performance to festivals up and down the West coast.  I have created and lived in traveling artistic intentional communities as well as lived in and been involved with a number of intentional communities devoted to Eco-sustainability, group harmony, and consensus.  I’ve birthed and raised 2 children within relationship and community and co-parented successfully outside of intentional community.  I’ve devoted myself in 3 different long term committed relationships over the past 23 years and moved through the pain of separation, healing, and transformation of them.  I’ve studied Transformative Justice (formerly understood as restorative justice), Fine Arts, Dance, English literature and philosophy, psychology and spirituality, mediation, conflict resolution, and compassionate communication - both formally and informally, (motivated by my compassion for the world and my own personal journey to find and co-create harmonious family and community relationships).  I’ve counseled and mentored individuals and couples and, supported people practically through major life transitions.  I’ve also learned how to ask for help and receive support for myself when I need it.

Through deepening and coming into balance with my empathy and compassion for others, opening to understanding without assumption, acknowledging us as fellow travelers on this sacred journey of life, It has become my passion to support others through the personal explorations and discoveries that awaken our whole beings, transforming and enriching our lives and causing us to thrive.

I have been blessed to support people through the soulful and practical challenges of life during youth, young adulthood, parenthood, and through relationship and family struggles, moving through the healing of wounds from traumas and abuses, addiction recovery and recovery from religious, racial, sexual, and cultural oppression.  I’ve supported people with disabilities, and those struggling with physical and mental illness, as well as the challenges of aging and the journey of individuals and their families as they move towards death.  It is with deep Love and humility that I embrace the honor of entering into these sacred therapeutic relationships. With great joy, my passion and dedication to this path of artful service deepens as I continue to learn, grow, participate, and offer life support in these powerful and potent times.

May we learn to dance together, in balance on the winds of change.

Many Blessings!