Rebecca Ruth Transformative Arts Bio


Rebecca Ruth is a passionate, soul centered Transformative Artist and co-founder of Lovemedicine.  In practice for over 15 years, she offers a dynamic range of individual and group therapeutic processes, designed to catalyze soul level, radical life change.  She embodies a vibrant heart consciousness and clarity that infuses her exceptional body of work with unique potency.

With empathy, Rebecca skillfully guides seekers, collaborating with them to unleash their true essential nature, and liberate each person’s capacity to fully embrace life with clarity, loving presence, connection, passion, purposeful action, success, and celebration.  She cherishes supporting personal transformation and is devoted to the vision of a shared human evolution towards thriving and just regenerative beautiful cultures, living in healthy interdependence with all life.

Rebecca provides facilitation for people of all walks of life to support awakening, integration and mastery through Intuitive Counsel and group process.  Her sessions and courses employ cognitive, experiential, family systems, and expressive arts methods, including a range of powerful transformative approaches such as, Authentic Movement, Ecstatic Dance, Archetypal Sacred Theater and Psychodrama, Visual Arts, Sacred Ceremony, Nature Immersion Retreat, Feminine Mysteries, Devotional Music, Shiatsu Massage, Community Art Inclusion Projects, Mediation, and Compassionate Communication.  Rebecca takes great joy in crafting her sessions to meet specific needs to create the most fertile ground for people to transform through challenges and traumas into a thriving love filled life.

In addition to her Transformative Arts offerings, Rebecca maintains a rich Fine Arts practice which continues to be at the core of her personal evolutionary journey.  Her paintings, sculpture, video installations, and elaborate archetypal costumes, masks, and headdresses have been viewed worldwide and, her sacred theater performative offerings have been key in laying the cultural foundation for a growing wave of evolutionary activation through sacred theater, which was virtually unheard of two decades ago.

Rebecca is currently invested in Fine Arts and Community Engagement at Emily Carr University and Transpersonal Psychology Counseling Education.  She holds an Advanced Certificate in Transformative Justice from Selkirk College where, in 2013, she founded Meant to be Art, a collaborative creative inclusion program rooted in the Transitional Training department (serving people with disabilities) intended to create connections college wide.  In 2000, Rebecca co-founded Mythmaker, a multimedia sacred theater collective.  Strongly active to this day,  It is dedicated to empowering youth and community through researching, rewriting and performing cultural mythology, to shed light on our collective past and the potentials of our future.  For over 2 decades, Rebecca’s facilitation and involvement in long term 13 moon women’s circles has greatly contributed to women's’ healing, connection, and empowerment through shared wisdom, and feminine mysteries of the sisterhood.  She has been involved with numerous community arts collaborations and transformative projects over the last two decades through out BC, Canada and the US West Coast.


Throughout her life, Rebecca has embraced the teachings of many spiritual traditions to support her personal growth including, Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism, Celtic and Norse traditions, Toltec, and Indigenous practices yet, her personal, simple way of connecting to Source and direct learning from communion with Nature remains at the core of all that she is.  Through this combination of study and simplicity, she has appreciation and respect for the diverse beliefs of all peoples.

With wondrous gratitude, Rebecca is a devoted Mother of two magnificent teenagers and enjoys a fascinating and deeply fulfilling relationship with them. Her dedication to family and ancestral healing has been a strong theme in her life.  Presently, with deep appreciation and exquisite bliss, she shares the beautiful journey of cultivating a thriving relationship with her Divine Beloved Vince.  Currently they are engaged in creative synergy to create new and broad reaching pathways for Lovemedicine, a Transformative Arts movement for healing, compassionate human evolution and the cultivation of conscious loving interdependence, in balance with all creation.