Recovery at Lovemedicine

Recovery at Lovemedicine

By Vince Wishart

I walked into my first 12 step recovery meeting 25 years ago.  Since then I have done extra research on how not to recover and, much time has been spent in the steps and the rooms of recovery.  I have worked with men in recovery as a sponsor and worked in treatment centers.  I have worked many sets of steps in several different 12 step fellowships and have a wide range of knowledge as a base for my recovery.


I also required a fair amount of “Outside Help” as spoken of in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  My quest for spirituality has sent me seeking in many different spiritual paths, and therapies.  Along my journey I have found some resources that really helped me and have become trained in some of these healing modalities.


All my work has shown me that recovery is never about any particular addiction, but only the addiction to self.  “When I think about myself, I get sick.  When I think about others, I get well.”  It is a “law of success in recovery”.  So, this applies to so much of the human experience.  Controloholism, digital devices, media, singularity are a few that some don’t normally consider.  I feel the 12 steps are available for everyone.  If I am self-consumed, I am of no service to my fellows.  So my focus has become to assist others to take their eyes off of themselves and put them on others.  Heart centered giving and Altruistic Service is the goal.   First is acceptance of the dis-ease of addiction in whatever form with sponsees, then, a process through the steps.  I facilitate a Sacred Red Road Men’s step group which takes a year to go through the steps working with the medicine wheel and mind mapping.   I utilize deep subconscious processes with my guys to guide them to their highest outcomes.


It’s my opinion the indigenous cultures of this planet have always had the solutions to living in harmony with our Earth Mother.  I am doing a lot of writings about recovery (12 step and otherwise) in the Lovemedicine Blog.  I am currently writing a book about my experience with religious oppression from the ages of 4-20, how I choose to cope with it all, and the gifts it left me with.


I look forwards to seeing you as We walk the road of happy destiny.  May Creator bless you and look over you till then.


Many Blessings


Vince Wishart

Co-Founder of Lovemedicine