Religious Healing Circle


Religious Oppression Healing Circle

Have you experienced Religious Oppression?  Does guilt, shame, and fear follow you because of it?  It is not your burden to bear.

Many of us have suffered from the guilt, shame, and fear that can be caused by religious influence from various sources.  These states of being can have quite a “ripple effect” in our lives.  Sometimes the weight of this and confusion of trying to find relief from it causes incredible hardship and, for many, religious oppression has included some form of trauma or abuse.  This Healing Circle is a safe place for those who are ready to find support and open to healing in a group setting.

We believe it is time to heal the wounds caused by a consciousness of Power over others” and any other misuse of religion, so that we can feel a sense of personal wholeness and create harmony on Earth.

We honor the spirituality that comes from Love which can be experienced both inside and outside of religious context.  This Healing circle is not intended to condemn religions.  It is intended to support people through a process of healing from the oppression that some religious experiences can cause.  This circle is created from direct personal experience and research.

We need to deprogram the unhealthy beliefs about ourselves and reconnect to our own power inside ~ the power of Love.  We do not need to go through anyone else to be supported by God’s Love.  That seed is already within us.”

For many of us, unhealthy beliefs about ourselves are the cause of great inner turmoil and misguided self judgment or self loathing.  In addition to the upsets and challenges this can create in our life, today we understand that these states of being can lead to many forms of disease.  These may be symptoms of a spiritual malady ~   The root cause being our belief systems that have often been unconsciously projected on us.  Beliefs like:

I am not good enough

I am bad

I am worthless

I am unlovable

I am not worthy of Love

There is a way through ~ a path of healing:


We invite you to join the Religious Oppression Healing Circle held by Vince Wishart and Rebecca Ruth that addresses these issues within the confidential setting of a small circle with Transformative group process.  Here you can be compassionately supported to have a voice for your pain and discover together the healing that can come through exploring key issues such as:

How compassion can heal and connect us

What responsibilities we have to address in our experience of blame, both inwardly and outwardly.

Moving through guilt, shame, and fear – Transforming them through

Love and compassion

Finding the gifts of our religious experience

What responsibilities we have to address in our experience of blame, both inwardly and outwardly.

Discovering Belonging and Interdependence in diversity

Releasing Dualism and retaining discernment

Releasing perfectionism

Letting go of self judgement and projected judgement

Embracing acceptance, surrender, and forgiveness for self and other

Healthy Boundaries

How to embrace the Truth of our Innocence

These Religious Oppression Healing Circles will be held once per month in the evening.  We offer a safe nurturing, non-judgmental environment and we ask: What would love have us do and, What is in the highest good of all?”

Thank you for allowing us to serve you in these delicate and sensitive areas of your heart.  We hope you find the courage to walk through and discover the strengths of vulnerability.


Many Blessings:

Rebecca and Vince ~ Founders of Lovemedicine