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Lovemedicine Sacred Empowering Language Testimonials




I am so humbled and grateful right now.  Tonight’s Sacred Empowering Language by workshop was incredible.  So many people turned up and many couldn’t get in.  We were filled to capacity.  Sorry to those that showed late, the doors of the building lock at 7.

People went so deep into their processes and got so vulnerable with total strangers right out of the gate.

The sacred expressions of dance and song and the musicians… Theda Phoenix the willingness…

The great mystery of the perfect techy showing up at just the right time, Michael Fedyk just the right videographer, Richard Klassen we didn’t come close to being to cover all the material we wanted to cover, yet somehow all the important points were covered and 5 experiential exercises were done in only 3 hours and 45 mins.  Unbelievable really.

Thanx to Amir Orr Ahamenata for his sacred geometry adornments and his amazing flute backup for the connecting to our essence meditation, Pauline Edwards for bringing your fellow counselling supportiveness, Sandra Blaikie Anderson with all your eldership in so many paths including NVC.  What a gift an honor to have you there.

One couple chose to utilize this as their date night and learn more about deeper communication in order to draw closer to each other.

The level of inspiration Rebecca and I are feeling tonight is beyond compare.  We feel that we will soon be making a weekly series out of Sacred Language as it is so pertinent to our times we live in.

This is so my calling and the calling of my beloved Rebecca…it’s with deep reverence and gratitude I say thank you.


Amir Orr Ahamenata ..Didn’t I played the sacred flute medicine to ? Lol 🙂 😉 . Beautiful and blessed afficiant workshop really !!the content was good! the teaching were good , the sharing were good ! The practice were good !the meditation was good! The music was good! The exersize and practice wax good ! Even excellent ! Definatly need to make one more with a larger longer time to participate practice and explore and by that even greater results! I am sure the next one will be even more exciting and rich ! Can’t wait to see that! Thank you very much for the invite dead brother Vince and Rebecca ! Much love you you from my heart to yours! A 💛🌎☉💫⚘

Richard Klassen Amir that sacred flute and those crystal noises were key finally someone who can speak threw a sacred flute


Amir Orr Ahamenata Thanks brother! I am glad it did it to you to! Peace.

Celina Dawn Love Yay! ❤

Pauline Edwards Such a beautiful night, thanks again! My heart was glowing and I felt so inspired when I left. Looking forward to the next one <3

Thank you so much Vince and Rebecca for the AMAZING workshop on Sacred Empowering Language last night!! I left feeling truly blessed and inspired! When is the next one?? <3 <3


Atlee Destructor Boothman Vince Vin-Zen Wishart is a fantastic friend, a man i call my brother, who has helped me greatly with my issue’s. His training has brought me a great deal of peace in my life. Thank you brother, love ya!

Vince Vin-Zen Wishart Thank you so much Atlee Destructor Boothman. What a pleasure it has been working along side of you.



Jacqueline Halpin

What a delight it was to spend time with last nights souls! It was an evening that lite my spirit…..thank u Vince and Rebecca for creating the possibility. 💓💓💓💓
Will post more about my experience later, just trying to group the words together lol 🙏🏽



Dilyana Mileva I was so honored and blessed to meet all this beautiful soul yesterday in Sacred language Workshop. Such amazing experience, thank you to create such a sacred and safe place, I enjoyed very much the meditation and eyes gazing.


‎Ellyn Woods‎ to Lovemedicine

Once again thanks so much for the invitation for the Sacred Language workshop. I really enjoyed the deep meditation at the beginning – it really allowed for me to ground myself in the space before diving into the material. I think anyone could benefit from the eye gazing excercise we did – amazing how little of that we experience in our daily lives. Can’t wait to attend more of these workshops – incredible experience.


Stay tuned for Lovemedicine Sacred Language Workshop #2


So Many Blessings to you,


Rebecca and Vince

Co-founders of Lovemedicine