Sacred Language


Sacred Empowering Language Workshop


Do you wish to communicate more effectively your relationships?  Would you like to experience greater intimacy?  Do you ever struggle with how to communicate when you are emotionally triggered?  Are you ready to feel more love and connection with yourself and others?   Are you curious how your communication can help you to manifest your dreams?  Are you ready to create what you truly desire in life?   Lovemedicine Sacred Empowering Language Workshop is for you!


In this workshop we create a safe, supportive environment where you are invited to delve into transformative processes to explore what your communication is made out of and, learn how you can communicate more effectively to experience what you truly want in life


You will be compassionately supported to explore what holds you back from expressing effectively what really matters to you and, learn how to deliver in a way that is likely to land within the heart and mind of the receiver.  You will have the opportunity to receive guidance in the art of holding space and learn the power of listening and receiving. 


We work experientially with the power of the word, empathy, body language, tone of voice, and emotional integration guided by theory and practice based on Compassionate Communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Ancient Indigenous Wisdom, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Sacred Empowering Language will offer you a vibrancy that comes from greater self knowledge, self love, confidence, passion, increased relational skill, ability to create authentic loving connection, and call into your life what you truly desire.


~ Learning Compassionately with Fun, Curiosity and Courage!


Some of the themes we like to explore:

~ Express yourself with authenticity and potency

~ Invoke the Divine and bring flow and grace into your life

~ Create authentic loving connection with yourself and others

~ How pacing/matching helps you to understand who you are conversing with on an

energetic level and connect more effectively

~ Embrace, understand, and cultivate your experience of Empathy

~ Embrace Vulnerability as the gateway to true connection

~ Build rapport in any situation and build influence for the highest good of all

~ How to shift states in others, guided by the highest intention and, break

rapport, when appropriate

~ How to master ambiguity and specificity

~ Identify and Move through internal blocks to your expression and connection

~ The power of Receptivity and Listening

~ How pattern interrupt can assist others stuck in loops

~ The Value of taking courageous risks

~ Pathways of healing to repair damaged relationships

~ Conflict resolution skills

~ Empower your heartfelt visions and intentions through intentional sacred language

and embodied Expression


If you are ready to dive into a whole new experience of communication that is likely to change your life forever, we warmly invite you to join us in ~ 

Lovemedicine Sacred Empowering Language Workshop!


Many Blessings: 

Rebecca and Vince, 

Founders of Lovemedicine