Sacred Music


Open Sacred Music Circle


Are you longing to Awaken your Voice?  Do you wish to bring the sacred into your life more powerfully?  Do you enjoy a sacred music environment that combines reverence with harmonious play and exploration?

Then Lovemedicine Sacred Music Circle is for You!


We welcome all experience levels to join us in vocal and instrumental Blissmaking!!


At our Lovemedicine Open Music Circle we facilitate Sacred Music Ceremony and encourage deep listening.  Together we Open and Close the Sacred Circle with a musical honoring of the 7 directions ~ Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Mother Below, Father Above and Heart Center Within, the Spirit that flows through all things.   


As spirit guides, we continue with varying combinations of: vocal “warm ups” and embodiment vocal practices, Vocal Harmony Orchestra, Sacred Chants of various Devotional Music Traditions, Divinely Inspired Musical Prayer offerings – both group and holding space for the individual, Sacred Improvisational Instrumental Offerings to the Divine, Soundscape exploration, Sound Bath, and Vibrational Healing.


With appreciation of the uniqueness you bring, we warmly invite you to join us in

Lovemedicine Sacred Music Circle with your open hearts, sacred instruments, spiritual devotion, and willingness to play and explore musically.  If you don’t have an instrument yet wish to come and sing or play an instrument from our Lovemedicine Collection, please feel welcome!


Many Blessings,

Rebecca and Vince