Transformative Artistry ~ Healing What does it mean at Lovemedicine?


Transformative Art works through the understanding that creativity has the power to transform and uplift consciousness.  A facilitator of Transformative Arts combines creativity, intuition, skill, and Divine guidance to create deeply healing experiences through innovative combinations of the Arts and psychological, spiritual, and physical healing modalities.

The most fertile ground for healing comes from a person’s readiness to embrace change, an awakening of strong feelings in the area that needs transformation, and compassionate connection with another in that vulnerable place. These ingredients, combined with sound guidance, and skillful support are the foundation for transformative process and lasting change.  When a person has reached a point of real desire to make change in their life, they arrive ready and willing to open to the process of healing.  Connection with another is where our wounds are created and, it is in connection that they are transformable.  When we embody our feelings, we enter a state of neuro-plasticity in which our brains are actually capable of “rewiring” to create new pathways.  Through Transformative Arts experiential healing processes, we can access brain plasticity, and create healthy new neuro-pathways in the place of old unhealthy patterns and wounds.  Transformative Artists know the importance of offering clear guidance through healing experiences that combine willingness, authentic connection, awakened feelings, and the understanding that we are cultivating a state of Wholeness and Love.

A Transformative Artist is one who has developed knowledge and applied skill in the Arts, psychology, spirituality, physical health and wellbeing, and interpersonal dynamics.  The Transformative Artist uses their particular modalities to design and orchestrate custom tailored experiential healing processes, taking into consideration the specific needs of participants.  The Transformative Artist is committed to holding a supportive, safe, ethical space and skillfully facilitates profoundly healing, evolutionary processes with confidence, compassion, intuition, and Divine guidance.

A Transformative Arts course or session engages the whole being and creativity of both the practitioner and participant and can take many forms depending on the combination of Art and Healing Modality.

We warmly welcome you to join us on this Transformative Arts Journey

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Many Blessings,

Rebecca and Vince

Co-Founders of Lovemedicine