Executive Summary for the Courtenay Treatment Center  April 07/2017



We are currently seeking a single angel investor for this concept that is energetically aligned with this concept.  We feel we can have this center up and running in a month’s time with the resources we currently have.  We are working in collaboration with  Love medicine would like to offer their workshops at the treatment center as care and after care for either the cancer treatment clients or the Addiction care client depending on which way this goes (Cancer care or addictions treatment).  Lovemedicine services work with the origins/core of the problems rather than the symptoms of the disease.  We believe that the way we as humans view Dis-ease, is the way it manifests.  A spiritual malady manifested in physical malady.  Lovemedicine will operate the house on the property as a separate entity from the center that is a spiritual retreat center.



Individual biographies of those involved so far

Randy Crossen Chairman sat on the board of Fresh Start for 4 years.  His bio can be seen here: Randy Bio

Vince Wishart has created charitable organizations from start up and worked in the recovery sector for over 10 years.  His bio can be seen here: Vince Bio

Rebecca Ruth

Has been Facilitating Groups for over 20 years and is currently working as a Transpersoanl psychology counselor.  Her Bio can be seen here:  Rebecca Bio




2 potential ideas for the concept of a Retreat Center on the 17 acre parcel of land.


  1. An addictions treatment center for men.
  2. A potential collaboration with Steve Curtis and and his Netflix documentary for the cancer treatment facility that works with natural medicines and remedies.


The Vancouver Island Men’s Treatment Center Prospectus will be able to host 40 male clients.

We have a chef in place, groundskeeper, and a caretaker for the property.   We are arranging meetings with some of the directors of treatment center facilities in the lower mainland for coaching and guidance.


One of things that makes this place a little different from all the rest is the fact it will be 100% off grid.  It is not to expensive to integrate the systems of solar energy, Bio-diesel heat, water harvesting, composting toilets and Sunfrost refrigerators.  We feel that by the end of a full year, the entire operation can be self-sufficient and Eco-sustainable.   Low carbon footprint is important to the values of Lovemedicine.  Lovemedicine feels it is very important for the clients in the center to be connected to the land in order to be grounded to earth frequencies of around 7 mhz.  The grounding or earthing is very effective at curing most diseases.  Should it be addictions clients, they will work the gardens as their part of their treatment, Cancer patients will be encouraged to walk barefoot on the land to develop that connection with our earth Mother and find value in her.



We want to create an army of Eco-warriors as side benefit of treatment here.   We believe recovery at it’s core is:  Recovery from Self.   When we become capable of altruism, is when we are recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body..


An NLP presupposition states that “Behind every behavior is a positive intention.”  At our facility we go underneath the behavior to source the loving intention.  Trans-personal psychology theory states that there is 2 things: “Love and a cry for love and it’s all love.”  So we honor the positive intention behind the behavior.  In the honoring, they open to communication through the rapport it builds.


At Lovemedicine we are reinventing the way to treatment.  Our’s is a holistic approach, Body Mind and Spirit, dealing with every aspect of recovery including generational lineages, living, life skills, indigenous spiritual and medicinal practices, diet.   We offer a wide variety of specific “Outside Help” as spoken of in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous


Lovemedicine would like to operate their Air b and B retreat sanctuary in the 5000 sq ft home that is on the property.  This property and it’s nature paths will be kept separate from the main building.  Lovemedicine will be able to make healing offerings of many kinds to the clients of the addictions treatment center (and or the cancer treatment after treatment integration counseling, depending on which way we decide to do this.)


The current landowner says he will carry us for a year until we can get our own financing if need be.  He definitely wants to play ball.  (He spent time in a hospice and enjoyed himself so much, he decided to make one).  A vendor buy back is possible with this property.  The fact that the center is remote is in our best interest as the clients require isolation in an addiction center to focus in on themeselves.


All inspections are mandatory with Coastal Health.  The facility will be approved by Coastal Health and will require monthly inspections to stay in operation.


Counselor Base:

We will train all our own counselors.  We set up our own training certificate program.  This way the counselors will be trained the way we need them to be.  Our policy is to work with fresh counselors that follow our protocol rather than having other counselors that have been working in ways that could be conflictual to our way being and are set in their ways.  This facility is out of the box treatment modern sciences and cutting edge psychological processes to help facilitate client’s transformations to clean living.


Spiritual Teachings

We would like to bring the first nation medicine wheel teachings and the Red Road to Wellbriety path to the center as the method of 12 step delivery.  Lovemedicine values state that the First Nations people around the world knew how to live in harmony with our Earth Mother, their tribe, their family and all their relations (the winged ones, the 4 leggeds, father Sky, Earth Mother, Holy Living water, Tree and Plant nations, Star nation, all of it).  They valued the “Loving interconnectedness with all life”.  Which is the slogan at Lovemedicine.  We embrace all former paths, and agree with the Taoist philosophy that states “All paths that lead to God are the right one.”

A Trans-Personal Psychology Perspective

As Trans-personal Psychology Counselling students, Vince and Rebecca are very involved with their own clients here in Vancouver and run many large scale workshops on a variety of topics such as:  Sacred Empowering Language, Religious Oppression Healing Circles, 13 Moons Women’s Circles (13 clan Mother teachings), Girls Empowerment Workshops, Men’s 12 Step Red Road Healing Circles, Archetypal Theater, Anger Workshops, Relationship Workshops, to name a few.

They would be offering some forms of these workshops and custom tailored ones for the clients either way.  The focus at Lovemedicine is transformation. They are focused on making trans-formational and experiential exercises available to all.

The Dire need

In British Columbia, the treatment centers are filled to capacity and the government has no more places to put clients as their just is no beds.  Many treatment centers are putting in 3 beds per room or having clients sleep in the kitchen due to lack of room.  People going into treatment often lose their dwelling when the ministry is paying for their dwelling, the monies now go to the treatment center, making them homeless when they are done their stay at the facility.  We will offering second stage housing and job placement programs to assist self sustenance.

The government assisted clients essentially give their welfare cheques to the treatment center with a tiny bit for themselves for incidentals.

We have counselled with several directors of treatment centers in the Lower Mainland and Calgary. and we will be counselling with more executives of lower mainland treatment centers in the near future.

Our facility is not a detox.  This will done before they come.  Drug testing will be done upon suspicion and randomly.


We realize that the Vancouver police pays 45000.00 for their officers to go to treatment in Toronto.  This facility is a high end facility that can accommodate them so they don’t need fly so far away.   Courtenay has an international airport.  Our shuttle will pick clients up at the airport and shuttle them straight to the facility.

If this were for public officials then the federal prison inmates would not be able to go there.  We feel our facility is not suitable for Federal inmate or as an integrative housing option.

The unions pay 3500.00 minimum to 10,000.00 for their members to go treatment.  It is possible for them to share the space police and other government officials though unlikely.



We see a large need for women’s treatment facility which is severely underfunded in BC.  We would like to see a large part of our projects going to places like Charlford House Women’s Treatment Center.




Ministry (Welfare) clients:


So with 40 clients at 600.00 per month we are looking at

24000.00 per mth revenue                                                                         24000.00

Annual 288,000.00

Revenue from the 5000 sq ft house on the

property leased to Lovemedicine                                                             5000.00



          Public Servants Union clients

          3500.00 min. per mth x 40 =                                              140,000.00                                     


          Government officials and public servants:

          45,000.00 per mth x 20 (individual rooms)               900000.00



We are hoping for a mix of clients. Half from regular unions, half from the public servants unions, and 4 beds kept open for the ministry in order to give back to the community.


So middle of road projections for income would be with that model:

4 beds for ministry Clients                                          2400.00

16 beds for public servants union                              810,000.00

16 beds for regular unions                                          90,000.00

4 beds for Non-union working men                           12000.00


Revenue from clients                                                    914000.00

Revenue from The 5000 sq ft house                          4000.00

Revenue from donations (first 3 year average)         50,000.00

Total monthly Revenue                                               968,000.00



Starting Operational Costs


Shuttle bus lease                                                          1500.00

Cook vehicle, lease and maintenance                        750.00

Facility operations manager vehicle                          750.00


Upfront Legal fees                                                       100,000.00



Downpayment on the property: 20%                        600,000.00


Infrastructure up front costs:

including the solar panels, the fencing,                  250,000.00

garden ,


Backup diesel generator:                                            25,000.00


Program materials and stationary:                           100,000.00

Office equipment:                                                        100,000.00

Subtotal                                                                         1,178,000.00


Ongoing Monthly Expenditures


Loan payment for the up front costs                          3577.00


Counselors: 120,000.00                                               10000.00


Executive Assistant 40,000.00                                   3333.00


Executive Director 120,000.00                                  10,000.00


Manager 70,000.00                                                     5833.00


Director of operations 75,000.00                              6250.00


Facility Operation Manager: 90,000.00                  7500.00

Including Chef, ground keeping, building



Kitchen staff 3 paid staff

1 kitchen manager: 50,000.00                                   4100.00

Dishwasher: 20,000.00 per year                                1800.00

Prep cook: 30,000.00 per year                                   2500.00



Shuttle bus maintenance                                             750.00


Meals 1500.00 per day x 31 days

(If we were to buy all groceries)                                 46500.00


Office supplies                                                              1000.00


Mortgage   25 year amortization 4.79%                    12,533.58

Lovemedicine programs                                              10000.00

Utilities before the off grid is put in place                3000.00

Estimated monthly Costs:                                     125,976.58


Annual revenue:                                                     11,616,000.00

Annual Costs:                                                           1,511,718.98

Revenue per annum after expenses                10,104 281.02


Lovemedicine fees for recovery program implementation and healing workshops at a flat fee of 10000.00 per mth






Meals: 30.00 per day per client for meals 1200.00 plus 300.00 for snacks =1500.00 including staff meals per day until the garden is in full swing.


90% Food costs will come from Food bank donations.  10% would be dairy products which we will need to purchase.


We will offset the costs of the food costs with an organic vegetable garden which will be worked by the clients of the facility giving them life skills as well as grounding into the land.  Canning and pickling will be taught as a bonus to give them life skills and training.  Smoking meats and making pemikan will also be taught.  The goal of the facility will be teaching self-sustaining/self sufficiency.


We are looking at accommodations for the staff and counselors.  The commute from Courtenay International Airport is only 16 minutes so the counselors who live in town don’t have to far to travel.  We will provide faculty housing for counselors who live to far from the facility. Yurts and tree house cabins.  Will be available for guest speakers.  Confidentiality with salaries is the non-disclosure agreements that are committed to upon hiring.  So as not to create dissension in the ranks.


There will be several 12 step fellowships available to the clients depending on the nature of the manifestions of addictions.


All our programs are copywritten.  We protect our interests.

Federal corrections is the other place we could utilize for our client base.  The federal system pays equal to that of the Public servants union,  The liabilities are generally more though, and the City of Courtenay would need to approve an inmate facility.  We will not take sex offenders.  Emotional predators of all kinds will not be welcome there including financial, emotional, sexual.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for carefully going over this Vancouver Island Men’s Treatment Center Prospectus and we look forwards to working with aligned mindsets.




Many Blessings,


Vince Wishart and Rebecca Ruth

Co-founders of Lovemedicine

and Transformative Artists


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