Vince Wishart: A Personal Introduction Who am I ? …and How I came to be a Transformative Artist?


“Welcome.  Thank you so much for coming to have a deeper understanding of what makes me tick and how I ended up here in heaven.  This is the perception I choose to embody these days: Perception Medicine.  I am intrigued by what brought you here, and what it is that I can do to serve you in your journey of personal evolution.  In the realm of infinite possibilities, what is possible?   How can we collaborate together to create the highest outcomes for you, your family and most of all for the highest good of all?  I am so glad you have arrived.”

The inner quest for wholeness seems to be something we all share whether consciously or unconsciously.  We are all navigating this thing called life through the challenges of modern day society.  In a world of haste and chaos, I most often choose not to subscribe to the insanity.  I choose to slow down and smell the roses, watch the innocent infant play, watch a sunset, marvel at the majesty of a mountain, feel the snow hit my face, listen to the rain patter, listen to the droplets in the stream making its own majestic orchestral percussion in perfect frequency.  I was created to enjoy these things and, though I have strayed from the path a few times, finding the lessons I needed, now I have a deeper appreciation for the wonders around us.

More and more things are becoming wonders to me, as the filters that cause my attitude shift.  Today, I am so immensely happy to be alive in this day and age of radical change on this planet.  I used to resist change and now I celebrate it.  (Well, most of the time.  I still have some work to do.)  I strive for wellness, to walk in beauty and integrity, to see and evoke the light in others, to act from a grounded place, (big learning curve for a formerly manic person such as I was).  I have witnessed my weaknesses become transformed into strengths.  I find it so fascinating to realize the shifts that have happened in me, for me, and know that immense miracles are waiting for others.  I ask, “How can I help?”  I believe we are living in an awakening age where incredible breakthroughs in consciousness are happening all around us right now and, I revel in it.  How is it even possible that I have been so blessed to witness and be a part of all these incredible breakthroughs in awareness?  I celebrate the idea of oneness, that there is no separation, we are all connected.  I look for truth and find that there is your truth, my truth, and the real truth somewhere in between, and as we build rapport and understanding we find the “Reality” that shines so brightly.  When I experience resistance I have programmed myself to realize in short order that I am missing the lesson (The gift).  When others are acting in ways that I may consider not to be in their highest good, I tend to find the positive intention that underlies their behavior and honor that intention.  There are 2 very important things.  “Love and a call for Love, and it's all Love”.  How do we celebrate that?

Transformative Artistry is a great way to shift old behaviors and patterns that no longer serve us, giving us reason to celebrate.  What brought me to this Transformative path?

I have been gifted with many traumas from my past which have caused me to be a seeker of healing in this life.  I consider myself blessed to have undergone these struggles, and through it all I have experienced great victories and breakthroughs.  Without these experiences, I would not have the compassion required for hearing those struggles in others, nor the desire to help others process their pain and transform it into forgiveness, acceptance into altruism.

Being raised by 2 devout religious parents showed me that I am great at people pleasing and perfectionism.  These have been my 2 main focuses of my transformation through this path.  I had experienced abandonment and rejection in my childhood, which ended me up in manic/depressive episodes for a lot of my life as constructs of the mind to cope.   Having these struggles along the way lead me to the lessons (some being very hard lessons), I can say finally that I am healed enough that I have something to offer others for their growth work.  (I am a work in progress.  Creator is not done with me yet).  I have found service to be a great medicine for me.

As a youngster I found solace and protection in the woods.  I made friends in the forest with the trees and the animals.  I was fortunate enough to grow up beside a huge forest playground and a creek which I would catch spawning salmon in.  While I had very little association with other kids, I really had that foundation of connection with nature of which I am so grateful for.  I see a huge need today to get kids (adult kids as well) off of the devices and back to Mother Nature.  These devices can keep people self-consumed and in disconnection.

I believe that because of the connection with the forest and the land, the connection I had with my Mom,  and those that really cared for me,  I found ways even through at times where my existence was self-consumed, to be of services to others.  I have always rooted for the underdog.  As a child I underwent a lot of persecution due the faith that my parents were in, and therefore when I went to high school and had some size on me, I would see bullies picking on the helpless and I would intervene.  My spirit name is Spirit Bear Guardian, and those were my earliest recollections of me embracing this name and its purpose.  A passage from the Bible says: “Don’t remove the straw from your brother’s eye when you have a rafter in your own”.  Deep inside I knew I had stuff to deal with, but couldn’t make sense of it at that age.

The natural processes of growing up were often denied and considered wrong.   I wanted to be held and supported in my natural curiosities as a young boy, which the church I was raised in did not do.  It was “Be perfect or else” suffer many consequences and condemnations.  This church was very rigid and wrongdoing was severely punished.  “Do not remove the rod of discipline from a child” was their creed.

Seeking relief for the inner turmoil I was experiencing, I got into drugs in high school and suffered some humiliations and more excommunication stuff from the church around it.  Several times as youth I was disfellowshipped which means, in order to be found in good standing again, one must go to church 3 times per week, not allowed to speak to anyone, sitting in the shame seat, with the figurative “Dunce Cap” on.  Incredible amounts of deep condemnation, humiliation, and shaming for grave sins of behaving like a youth.  Perfection was demanded of me, and no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to get there.  I took it on, and beat myself up for not performing up to their standards.  A practice of self-condemnation followed me into my adult life.  I sought out relationships where the other would beat me up, as my viewpoint of love had become so twisted.  If I wasn't being condemned, then they didn't really love me.  Somehow I chose that.  So my self-worth had issues.  I only ever was able to find temporary fixes for my pain through a variety of addictive practices.   Im so appreciative today for the support my Mom was able to offer me through that time.  Without her help, I don’t know where I would have ended up.

All my life I have been a multi-medium, multi-disciplined visual artist.  Art was often a fantasy realm I could escape to.  Through a myriad of different mind sets and coping mechanisms, I found that to cope with the feelings of abandonment and rejection, self-loathing, and worthlessness that I carried from my family system, my church, and from the stuff (gifts) my ancestry handed me to heal in this life, I only had myself to turn to for support and answers.  At 20 years old I was able to break free of the religious oppression I felt, and got the opportunity to experience excommunication for the last time.  This time for keeps, yet the pain continued.  This time without any friends.  I sought out solace in drugs and alcohol, and the types of people that would listen to me complain about my situation.  Constantly hurling blame towards the church and my family got me deeper into the pit of despair, and it required stronger and stronger substances and activities to kill the pain.

By 25 I had found a bottom that causes me to want to make a change in my life.  It didn't stick and, I went out for another 14 years of research, finally finding a bottom sufficient to myself 10 years ago that caused me to make a lasting change.  I found recovery for keeps this time, and after dealing with my personal grieving through the 12 steps, I was able to begin to move into helping others through their stuff.  A service focused life manifested at long last.  After being away in this selfish focus, I woke up one day and said:  “What the heck happened to the world while I was away mentally?”  I delved in deep to discover what was up with the condition of the planet and the whys.  Once I had enough information as to the whys, I sought out solution and became an Eco-maniac.  Eco-Art homes became a driving force in my life which after a lengthy education has lead me to a vision called the Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuary, a flexible duplicatable model of Eco-sustainability.  The empathy I feel for our Earth Mother and her inhabitants is immense.  I believe recovery is letting go Self and then moving in an altruistic state and, recovery is required for everyone to look at if we, as a collective, want to leave this planet as a thriving gift for our grandchildren.  So, I find myself drawn back to commune with nature and, do my prayers and ceremonies in the woods, bringing my frequencies back to that of the land.  I get still first, then the answers on how I can help this planet and its inhabitants.  One of the things that came in through meditation and many obvious signs is that people open up to me easily and, have often sought me out for counsel.  I believe it's my ability to hear what they are saying under their words.  There has been a great intuition there for me.  Somehow I have been persuaded by spirit into this type of service which is fulfilling for me.  The next is finding more ways to be able to assist those seeking a genuine, long lasting healing and transformation.

A big part of the healing process for me is learning to be still.  In this fast paced world, I realize I still need to be very mindful of this so as not to get caught up in the “demands”.  I've learned that “Have-to's” or demands are not from spirit but from my “monkey mind” chatter.  This is why I generally always offer some kind of grounding mediation before working with others.  Our work is so much more effective when leave the bag of chaos at the door.  Stillness, nature, the trees, the plants, the animals show us the answers.

I live in Beautiful BC a land of breathtaking nature with my beloved Rebecca and her extraordinary kids as family, my awe-inspiring daughter with my amazing grand kids a few blocks away.  My “Pillar of the Community” son lives in this city with us and, my spectacular youngest daughter is a ferry ride away.  I celebrate the life we all have.   Watching the love that permeates through the realms of these 2 enriched families coming together is quite a miracle to behold.  This home is rich with art as everyone here is a creative visual artist, all celebrating each other in nourishing ways that lift us all up.  To witness my grandchildren in a chaotic state, then when the art supplies come out they find unity and harmony instantly, shows me the need for their creative expression.  This home gets very lit up with spiritual process and ceremony and, the energies of illumination remain long after the practices have finished.  Rebecca and I dance our prayer ecstatically as part of our spiritual practice, whisking through the realms to exquisite bliss.  We have combined all our passions into a beautiful creation called Lovemedicine and we are so excited about sharing our gifts with others.  As I watch these children play I am reminded of my own innocent essence and, find the preciousness of life.

I embrace my childlike innocence as a student of Clearmind's Transpersonal Psychology Counseling, a student of Hypnotherapy, a certified practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming and Supreme Influence In Action, and have an avid passion for Eco-sustainability, living in harmony with our Earth Mother.

So my expression and my self-healing path has undergone some big ups and downs and, has created this fascinating story up until the culmination of the release of my ego - that moment of surrender where I was able to let go and trust my Creator at long last.  I would like to take you on a journey where I can be vulnerable and transparent about the mechanisms of my psyche that I learned through my recovery journey and the outside help that surrounded it.  It’s my wish that my experience will benefit others in their own transformation.  Some of my upcoming writings, books, courses, and art will speak to that. I like to vulnerably share around forgiveness, my quest for spirituality and higher thinking that took me like a kid the candy store through so many faiths and practices, finally fully embracing our Earth Mother and the Red Road on which I walk with earnestness and devotion to the ancestry that has gone before me.  Without them none of this is possible.
The combined love of my beloved Rebecca and I is a most powerful force and I am so grateful for my path preceding her, as it showed me so many learnings and gifts, enabling me to surrender to the newness that is the exquisite bliss of our union.  I believe we are in sync, similar to being Conjoined Twins.  We seem to move as one spirit being with 2 human bodies in this realm, yet we are able to traverse the realms together and explore all the sacred places of our ancestral lineages, honoring all they have gifted us through this genealogy.  I’m deeply reverent toward the fact that we are able to celebrate our own independence while conspiring to assist the highest good of all with our living giftedness.

I welcome you to the realms of our Transformative Artistry.

“The highest aspiration of the human spirit is to be of service to others” Einstein

I celebrate the lessons of this path and share that knowledge with others through Trans-formative Artistry with my beloved partner Rebecca.

It is with deep gratitude and reverence I say thank you for coming.

Much Love and many Ho-oponopono blessings to you.

For All Our Relations,

Vince Wishart