Vince Wishart Transformative Arts Bio


Vince is a dynamic Transformative Artist, passionately in service to humanity.  He is the co-founder of Lovemedicine.  He has been on his personal development path for the past 10 years culminating in the creation of Lovemedicine.  Vince’s personal healing journey has given him the greatest desire to be in service to human transformation.

Vince works compassionately with clients and groups.  He meets them where they are at and, works with them as a team member to guide them to their inner truths about themselves.  He finds great fulfillment and delight in witnessing a person wake up to their highest nature and embody new resources in their lives with practical application.  His guiding questions for himself and his clients are: “What would Love have me do?” and “What is in the highest good of all?”

One of Vince’s greatest trainings came from Kelly Tobey workshops where Vince teamed weekly transformative group processes for Startree integration for a few years, and has worked in other personal developments organizations.
As a life coach, Vince works with people of all walks of life.  A large section of his clientele are people who have, or are still struggling with addictions.  Being a former addict himself, Vince has the experience necessary to support others to find the way out of repetitive cycles of addiction by showing them how to replace the old habit with new empowering behaviors.  He assists his clients through one on one, or group processes to create health and balance and move toward the life of their dreams.  Vince counsels from an intuitive level.  With trance work, he guides people to their highest purpose and assists them to release the things that stand in the way of their progress, enabling them to step into their highest purpose without resistance, in high definition clarity of their next steps.  His facilitation skills are deeply transformative down to the molecular level.
Vince believes that when we relieve our addiction to self, and learn to focus more on service to others, we can learn healthy interdependence with the world and its inhabitants, finding inner harmony with our surroundings.  He says: “Recovery is letting go of self, and becoming interdependent with all our relations, the Earth, the humans, the plants, the animals, the water, all living beings and elements”.   Vince utilizes the depth of his experience and intuition to carefully customize his sessions specifically to his clients’ needs from his wide range of disciplines and study, including:  Neuro-linguistic Programming and Supreme Influence In Action, Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Family Systems, and Transformative Arts such as; Ecstatic Dance, Sacred Song, Visual Arts, Nature Immersion Retreat, Sacred Ceremony, and Intentional Tattoo Ceremony.

Vince facilitates Tattoo Ceremonies in ancient shamanic ways combined with modern sciences utilizing NLP and SIIA.  He also employs Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Psychology in his process work.  He is the creator of the "Intentional Tattoo" subconscious transformation process which he has evolved into Tattoo Ceremony.  Tattooing’s original purpose, thousands of years ago, was a ceremony of a rite of passage or a spiritual experience and, Vince has dedicated his Tattoo practice to honoring the ways of the ancients.  Vince has been invited to hold his tattoo ceremonies throughout North America and can be found at  Vince is an award winning tattoo artist, in practice for over 2 decades.  He has shared his knowledge over the years and 85% of Vince’s Tattoo apprentices have become award winning Tattoo Artists, many with successful businesses.  Vince has owned several tattoo studios and co-founded one of the most sought after Tattoo studios in Calgary.
Vince’s Fine Art background combined with his love for Tattoo, Ceremony, the ways of the ancients, and his personal development work have culminated into a unique, versatile, intuitive healing approach.  Vince was a Fine Art major in university and has a strong background in graphic arts, textile printing and design.  Vince is a fine Art painter and professional sculptor.  He has been commissioned to do many murals, from a 12 foot spine in his chiropractor's office, to the Kane's Harley Davidson dealership ceiling mural with a bike from each decade flying through outer space, to an 18 foot mural on the gymnasium wall of a Fresh Start Recovery Center in Calgary.  His large scale sculptures have been featured in the Calgary Science Center and Calgary Stampede.

Another creative art form that is flourishing for Vince these days is the written word.  He is creating a written offering around his experience with religious oppression and collaborating on a book with his beloved Rebecca called Sacred Expressions Between 2 Beloveds.  As they traverse the realms of consciousness, through deeply spiritual practices together they create from a "Connected Place.”  Much time is spent in prayer, meditation and contemplation before bringing their Lovemedicine to others.

Through his longing to understand his higher power, Vince has embraced many spiritual traditions and found gifts in each of them.  Throughout his life, you may have found him at the sweat lodge, next at Kirtan, the next day he may have been singing Hari Krishna at the temple, the next day possibly at yoga, the Sikh temple, or Satsang.  He celebrates the similarities in faiths and paths.  Vince realizes the global oneness.  He has arrived today devoted to the Red Road indigenous path where he finds himself in deep ceremonies with many elders and leaders.  He is joined there with his first daughter and his beloved Rebecca in some of the oldest sacred traditions and rituals known to man.  Vince believes the ancient indigenous cultures of the world have all the answers to living in harmony with our Earth Mother.

He has a huge passion for protecting our Earth Mother.  He has a vision of a flexible model for sustainability that is duplicatable called, the Ascended Dragon Healing Sanctuaries, Eco-education Communities that are self-sufficient, giving more back to the land than we remove from her.  Vince has followed the teachings of Mike Reynolds and, become a disciple of Earthships and Eco-sustainable building techniques.  After working on several of these Eco-builds, he knew that this is a solution that can fix so many of the world’s current challenges.  He believes that living in a low-zero carbon footprint is paramount, as this planet is at the tipping point.  Vince was project manager for Green House Designs, a family company, co-created with his father and their engineer.  Their vision was for an Eco-building design company that specializes in Earthship, stack wall, and straw-bail construction.  Vince’s goal is: “To see this planet left as a thriving gift for our grandchildren.”  

Vince is a self-proclaimed Gratitudal Maniac and he believes in Eco-philanthropy.  He goes to the forest to commune with nature and to sing his prayers.  One of his spiritual practices is ecstatic dance and he dances his prayers.  Most times he is with his beloved Rebecca in rapturous loving flow.

Vince is a proud father and celebrates his love filled, flourishing relationships with 3 amazing adult kids and, he is grandfather of 2 cherished little balls of infinite energy.  He strives to walk in beauty in all he does.  He is so stoked to be in the most fulfilling and rapturous relationship with His Beloved Rebecca.  Currently they are engaged in creative synergy to create new and broad reaching pathways for Lovemedicine, a Transformative Arts movement for healing, compassionate human evolution, and the cultivation of conscious loving interdependence, in balance with all creation.