What is Lovemedicine? by Vince and Rebecca, Co-Founders of Lovemedicine


We believe Love is the most transformative power and therefore the most powerful medicine to help us move through our personal obstacles toward our greatest fulfillment.

Lovemedicine compassionately and creatively opens the doorway to the newness of the yearned for, yet unknown, pathways of deep fulfillment.  There are so many amazing programs out there that create great outcomes and realizations for people to transform their lives, many of which we are grateful to have taken.  Our experience is that these courses tend to focus on helping people to evolve, gain more power, passion, peace, satisfaction, and success in life.  While Lovemedicine shines with these qualities, where we see Lovemedicine is unique, is how we value strength in vulnerability and Love as the guiding transformative force.  Our goal is to teach how to rapidly remember who we are as Love and fully embody it in any moment, allowing us to ripple Love out into the world, opening ourselves to receiving the gifts the world has for us.

From experience, we know that awakening our capacity for feeling and abiding in greater Love for ourselves, others, and the natural world makes possible the most lasting integration and realization of all forms of success that we desire to experience in our lives.

When we open the pathways to Love, the total awareness of the profound beauty of the many gifts of this life, with appreciation and compassion, we create the most powerful foundation for all other great change to take root and flourish in total alignment and flow with our highest purpose, greatest joy, and most lasting achievements.

Love brings us to a state where we can see clearly through the usual illusions and allures that may pull at us and, helps us to avoid getting lost and losing our energy down misaligned pathways.  Instead, Love’s medicine opens our vision to the greatest opportunities of the present moment and guides our lives into the deepest passion, joy, connection, clarity, freedom, success, fulfillment, and balance.

We are joyously and deeply honored to share with you the most powerful teachings, practices, and experiential transformative offerings we have created through our years of devotion to this Lovemedicine path.

Love is:

Love is patient.  Love Is Kind.  Love celebrates the victories of others.  Love is Humble.  Love reaches out.  Love honors others.  Love is altruistic.  Love is gentle, joyous, and peaceful.  Love forgives.  Love rejoices with the Truth.  Love is protection, trust, faith, and perseverance.  Love is the greatest Power.  Love is Unconditional selflessness. Love is a verb.

Medicine is:

A tool, state, substance, exercise, knowledge, action, gift or spirit that assists those seeking a way through pain, trauma, illness, lower vibrations, disempowering states of being, or lack of understanding (inner knowing).  It could be as simple as a heartfelt hug.  It is not to mask symptoms, but to remove symptoms at the core with the goal of healing the physical, mental, and spiritual traumas, so that we may return to a state of love and peace on spiritual, personal, and interpersonal levels.  


We came up with the term Lovemedicine through our experience, over the past 15 years, with First Nations Indigenous ways in which the word medicine is used to describe the healing/teaching offered when we are willing to enter into a spirit of reciprocity to receive the healing messages and gifts through human, animal, and plant families, elementals and helping spirits.  We feel so blessed to be allowed to receive these teachings and, even as humble beginners on a road with vast and layered wisdom, to experience the power of these ancient ways.  We are living in a precarious time when the world hangs in a delicate balance and humans are being called to awaken and make great change.  So much is needed to assist in this awakening and we are so blessed that, despite the deepest historic and ongoing oppression of their people and ways, many Indigenous elders have declared that it is time to reveal what has been hidden and protected for so long and, share their culture’s powerful wisdom, medicine, teachings, and traditions on behalf of our Earth Mother and all of her children to help us to return to Balance and Harmony with one another and the Earth.  We are so grateful to be able to use some of this wisdom of the Medicine Wheel in our offerings.

We understand that it is through reciprocity that we can receive the healing that is offered and, true reciprocity comes from Love, appreciation, and the desire to give back.  When we enter into this kind of relationship with one another, our family, our teachers, our brothers and sisters of the plants, animals, and natural world, we open ourselves to healing, restoration, and transformation.  This reflects the Earth’s natural cycles of life.

When we were seeking for words to describe the essence of what we are about, Love and medicine naturally emerged.  So with great reverence and appreciation we embrace and share Lovemedicine.

We believe Lovemedicine expresses the goal of our highest servitude toward humankind, to create together with the ancestor spirits that have gone before us, generational healing for All Our Relations.