Who Are We? Vince and Rebecca of Lovemedicine


Vince and Rebecca are the creators and facilitators of Lovemedicine, a Transformative Arts movement for healing, compassionate human evolution, and the cultivation of conscious loving interdependence, in balance with all creation.

As beloveds, we are devoted to the cultivation of Divine Love within ourselves and dedicated to our sacred partnership in the service of love and compassion for all beings.  We continue to learn, practice, and teach ways to tune to our soul essence, embody joyous loving presence, and create balance in the medicine wheel our of life.

We are collaborating in a committed relationship to celebrate the bliss of our union and explore our personal crevasses and dark places together to shine the light of compassion and transform our challenges and traumas into gifts. We seek to assist others to do the same.  As we embrace our own journeys through these places, we walk through them as fearlessly as possible and, experience our life as an adventure, opening to the newness of the unknown.

We have joined together in this Lovemedicine pathway, having previously been on our own individual evolutionary journeys that allowed us each to learn through a wide variety of experience on the spectrum of extremes in life; Wealth and Lack, Love and Fear, Connection and Alienation…Our stories are each rich and diverse in this way, allowing us to have the capacity to connect and relate with people from all walks of life, appreciating the gifts of every individual.  As we offer our service through Transformative Arts, we are filled with wonder for this incredible gift of life and so grateful for all of our life experience for where it has brought us to today.  So we offer you some of each of our story…


Vince Shares:

In this path, I have been blessed to understand the power of association as it changed me into what I engaged with. When I hung out with drug addicts, I became one. When I shared time with the wealthy, I became one. Today, I go serve addicts to teach them how to get out of the way of their own recovery to move into service and, I associate with those rich in spirit to understand how to best serve the planet. My question to those I meet is: what is your passion? What is standing in the way of you stepping into it and, how can I help? One conscious group of business men ended up calling me: “The man who walks between the worlds” because of my abilities with communication and rapport.

I have been so blessed to have gone through traumas that have given me lots to offer others for healing. My personal quest for inner fulfillment has been seeking things outside of myself to fill the aching internal hole of despair that I was so blessed to have received as a gift from my ancestry to heal in this life.

Because I had suffered harms in my childhood, I could recognize people who were hurting and, began to stick up for the ones who were bullied. I became a protector of the less fortunate and I opened and served on the board for charitable organizations. (My spirit name is, Spirit Bear Guardian)

I recognize today that my intentions for service back then came from a lack of self worth and, today they come from a place of high self esteem and a genuine care for others.  The journey from self centered thinking to asking what can I do for others has been the greatest realization to creating flow within me.  Acceptance of myself and others has been a key to my recovery and, now I move into my passion for the recovery of our Earth Mother and her inhabitants.

Since then I have been able to assist many sponsees through the steps. I learned that the only way I can keep what I have (true serenity and a surrendered life) is to give it away. So after being schooled in more and more subconscious healing modalities, such as hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Time line Therapy, Supreme Influence in Action, and most recently, Trans-personal Psychology Counseling, I have been so blessed to be able to witness myself, as an observer looking into my life, in order to make conscious decisions for myself, for the highest good of all.

With all my efforts at personal development, I still hadn’t figured my way through to successful relationships.  I had resigned from ever being in relationship again. I had been in 5 relationships since the age of 20.  I was defeated, beat up, fortunes lost - all in relationships.  My ego had done its damage.  I was the common denominator.  All my work with counselors, therapists, psychologists and relationship workshops had gotten me to a point of defeat, unable to fully see my patterns or embrace the change required.  I knew I was destined to be alone and, had fully accepted this and was actually excited about it - God and I as a team.  “I was not the marriage type of guy” I said.  It's this level of surrender that caused Creator to have other ideas.

Then one wonderful fateful day Rebecca manifested in my life and, totally took my breath away. I had just moved into a conscious rooming house with a bunch of spiritual types. I was just readying myself to leave while I was talking on the phone to the place that was fixing my vehicle. I was closing the front door behind me…when suddenly, someone was pulling on the door from the other side. I let go, and the door opened to reveal this holy spirit goddess that took my breath away...my heart began to pound and felt like it was ripping out of my chest...I could not catch my breath...I thought I was going into cardiac arrest...I can only liken it to the times when I was about to overdose in the past...all my senses working in overtime...I staggered down the steps, then down the walk gasping for air…doubled over… and staggered across the street, in time to hear the guy on the other end of the phone saying: “Hey man, do you want me to call 911?”

I got home that night and was making my bed, when I heard the front door open and these footsteps come running up the steps…and there she was, the goddess of my heart revealed herself in true presence.  We sat and talked for many hours...causing us to move rapidly into each others realms.

Time with Rebecca has evoked in me a sense of warm kind nurturing, gentleness, and feeling understood at a deep core level. Never before have I understood how it’s possible to be seen or to see others beyond their actions, that at the core of those actions is either Love or a call for Love.  It took many lessons to get me to a place of self Love to know that I was worthy of such a gift of this goddess, sacred mermaid, soaring eagle, blessed deer.  My instant knowing of the first time I laid eyes on her has never shifted once in any doubt the creator has brought us together to amplify each others gifts and to Dance the sacred Dance of love and compassion for ourselves as individuals, for us as a couple, and for our family as our chosen family. I am so exulted to share our combined giftedness with the world in deep meaningful ways so others can also feel the sense of inner and outer connectedness that I’ve come to know since meeting Rebecca.  As we move across this ecstatic Dance floor of life, planting seeds of love and miraculous creation, at each touch of our feet, bringing in our tomorrows with high resonant frequency, we are coming to know infinite Love and Compassion for all living beings.

During our time together, we have spoken of the ways to be in service and sat in many forms of prayer, meditation, and ceremony, inviting in the realms of infinite possibility. Learning how to be still has calmed my once manic mind and my need to be productive has shifted into a place of allowing my higher power to flow through me.  Now all I need to do is just BE.  I celebrate the similarity of all faiths and I currently embrace the red road as my ceremonial path, as I believe the indigenous cultures of the world have always known the way.

I exist in close to a perpetual state of gratitude. I witness miracles happening all the time and I am so reverent for this precious gift of life.  All my life has been training for this relationship with this Goddess Rebecca, these realizations, this present moment, and our offerings. Without the preceding experiences, none of this would have been possible. I offer myself to Rebecca and this path of newness with reverent gratitude.


Rebecca Shares:

Meeting Vince came at a time in my life when I had reached a sense of individual groundedness and fulfillment in the flow of my life purpose unfolding, after having been in 3 (almost) back to back longterm committed relationships since the age of 19.  As I had progressed in each one of these relationships, I came to know myself more deeply, honing and developing my gifts and sharing the joys of life yet, simultaneously, through witnessing myself in the pain and struggle of unhealthy patterns, awareness began to emerge in me about the unconscious wounded beliefs and behaviors that were at play creating these patterns.

The joys and pains of these relationships were immense and eventually, through presence, self reflection, wise and Divine guidance, perseverance, and grace, I emerged into this beautiful time of personal space and autonomy, having created kind partings with each of the loves in my life along the way.  I had blossomed as a single woman with greater self acceptance and self love, to reflect deeply on the past cycles and begin another phase of learning.  This process was well underway when I moved to the city and after a couple of years brought me to a sense of freshness and rebirth burgeoning in the early spring before I met Vince.

Starting fresh on my own in Vancouver wasn’t easy.  I am not a city person and receive much of my inspiration and power from nature yet, the need for my children to be near their father and Spirit’s calling me to begin anew spurred me to take the leap through my fears of reliving the empathic emotional overwhelm I had felt living in the city 20 years prior.  I decided to embrace the challenge of enabling myself to stay connected with myself and the Earth while in the city - through the pavement and small parks, as opposed to forests, mountains, and seas.  I definitely moved through some dark times with myself during that transition, at times, facing a sense of isolation and depression (which runs in my family).  Yet, thankfully, over the years, I have learned how to identify what’s at play inside myself and, use the powerful tools and techniques I have embraced throughout my life that work for me.  In this way, I continue to reclaim the empowering realities I know to be true, to create balance and regain a sense of joy and connection in my life.  Living in Vancouver this time around, I discovered that I am still very empathically sensitive in the city (as I am where ever I go), yet, the practices I’ve learned to help me with this have proved to be well rooted and I am able to be more aware of whether the feelings I’m feeling are coming from me, or someone else, and to hold space for my own feeling while I am sensing others.  Often this means allowing myself to experience joy and pain at the same time.  (A survival skill for anyone who is highly empathic.)

It has been a fascinating full circle since my return to Vancouver where I’d first started my education and then moved to the Kootenays 17 years ago where I embraced a powerful transformative journey of exploration, spiritual questing, growth, and focalizing in the realms of Eco-sustainability, community, sacred theater, painting, women’s mysteries, Indigenous traditions, and what, for me, is the ultimate initiation - motherhood and family.

I was enjoying the new life I was creating in Vancouver.  Co parenting with my children’s father had become harmonious.  Grieving from past losses had run its course (with intention and appreciation).   It felt so great to be focussing my life on my relationship with my children as they burgeoned into adolescents.  I felt empowered and inspired as I immersed myself, once again, as a student of Fine Art and Psychology and felt blessed to be in service as a care attendant for two brilliant men with muscular dystrophy.

I had carved out a pretty balanced rhythm for myself, enjoying connection through my regular Ecstatic Dance practice and embracing the blessing of living across from a park with old growth trees and hawks nesting in it.  I was nourishing myself and my children body, mind, and spirit, fully engaged with my life with no intense pull to seek outside myself for a man to join my life although, my vision and dream of sacred union has always been an integral part of me.

I had no idea Vince was moving into our community house.  I heard his voice in the living room before I ever saw him and, the sound of his resonance stirred me deeply.  A day or so later when I was coming in the door and he was going out, I wasn’t sure if it was the man with the voice but, I said, “Hi.”  He seemed to take one look at me and keep going, I was curious who he was but, at the time, he didn’t seem that interested so, I shrugged to myself, decided not to take it personally, and went about my day (having no idea that I had effected him intensely).  It wasn’t until later that night when I was getting ready to go out to Ecstatic Dance when I came into the living room and there he was.  My heart leapt and the magnetism between us was powerful.  As we shared, it was amazing how many interests, qualities, and values we had in common.  As we embarked on the journey of getting to know one another, his humility, creativity, and compassionate passion for life touched me deeply.

After the first week of our meeting, we wanted to plan a time to get to know one another a bit more because our lives were so full.  I told Vince of my plans to go down to the beach for the full moon to make some prayers and invited him to join me.  He accepted and the experience was profoundly opening and awakening.  After tea time at a coffee shop, we arrived at the beach.  The winds and waves were dancing with life and filled us with raw energy as we walked along the shore, in awe of the beauty and power of creation.  Finding a log overlooking the Ocean we sat down, immersed in the winds and I began to pray.  Vince naturally joined in and we prayed in timelessness, entering bliss and tears with so much heart, gratitude, and passion, for all our relations.  We found ourselves down on our knees in the sand, having journeyed together into oneness with the Divine.  When we finally felt complete in the prayer, we looked at each other in awe and wonder with such appreciation and exhilaration.  I had never experienced a shared spontaneous prayer like that with a man before in my life.  It was something I had always longed for and somehow the miracle was alive and real.  The pure ecstasy of this beautiful creation opened my heart to Vince in a way that I had not hoped for or expected, yet perhaps on some level, I sensed the possibility.

I feel that all of my previous experience was preparing me to be willing to  surrender to the mysterious unknown when I met Vince; to drop my fears whenever they arose and open to the beautiful authentic loving presence we share, to allow myself to remain vulnerable with every unfoldment of our time together, letting go of any story making, and always returning together to share our truths with courage and kindness, even in the darkest, painful places, using every skill we each have learned, from all of the blessings and challenges of our previous lives, to create the most powerful Sacred Union I can imagine ~ continuously unfolding profoundly exquisite experiences together that, until this point, I’ve only dreamed possible.


…And so…

We have come together in our mid lives through divine intervention to discover a refreshing compatibility and the exquisitebliss of our resonant souls.  Through our individual life experience, self development, humility, and spiritual devotion the fertile ground was created for our profound connection, synergistic co-creative evolution, and the realization of ever deepening Love for one another, our family members, and all our relations.

We share a passion for healing and creative expression that allows us to joyously serve others and our Earth Mother from a place of great Love and compassion.  We feel deeply moved by the state of our world, knowing that for generations we humans have simultaneously carried the threads of both wounded aggression upon our Earth and the ways of faithful loving kindness that have the potential to allow all life to flourish.  We see ourselves as part of this poignantly beautiful tapestry.  Like all humans, we have experienced both suffering and Love.  Today we allow our life experience of each of these to fuel our passion for the continued expansion of our heart awakened creative service for humanity and the Earth.

We feel Transformative Arts and Eco-sustainable living as a profound calling and, we celebrate the reality that Science and Spirituality are coming into alignment with one another, as sciences prove or illustrate the ancient realities taught through spiritual traditions.  As artists, we understand deeply the importance of freedom of expression through creativity as a defining quality of humanity and a powerful way to transform consciousness at a time on our planet when the essence of our humanness is at stake.

Today, we feel a deep sense of responsibility and inspiration to be part of the growing wave of life affirming change on the Earth.  We see ourselves as fellow travelers with all humankind on this journey of awakening and, while embracing our own challenges, we listen to the call of Spirit, cultivate our gifts, and offer them with great reverence and joy to our respected brothers and sisters.  With gratitude, we know that the authenticity and power of our offerings are the seeds of profound healing and transformation.